@babe_tv, the blogger and devoted Babeshow enthusiast, initially shared this blog in October 2014, on their now-inactive Tumblr account. This blog details the increasing levels on the daytime babeshows, especially Babestation daytime. 

It’s clear that the babe channels understand the desires of its customers, but there’s a limit to what they can offer especially on babestation daytime and all other daytime babeshows. Daytime babeshows prove to be a constant source of frustration, not just for callers but also for the program creators who could make their lives more straightforward and profitable if explicit content were allowed. Daytime babeshows face restrictions not only visually on screen but also in providing explicit audio services through phone sex. This makes defining and marketing the product challenging. If these channels aren’t selling sexual pleasure like their nighttime counterparts, what’s their focus? The sustainable answer seems to be attention, attracting viewers who believe the babes on screen might develop a special interest in them. At the time of writing, this information was correct. However, these days with Pervcam and private nude cams, fans no longer need to adhere to the strict rules that were in place back in 2014.

Babestation daytime gemma hile nipple showing

Returning to the initial blog post, @babe_tv noted that most guys recognise nude models as a job performed by professional models for monetary gain. In reality, most guys aren’t seeking a genuine relationship with a TV babe. Their lives are complex, and they’re primarily after immediate satisfaction and cheap phone sex. Without the off switch, their frustration might escalate. Online auctions offering non-sexual dates with TV babes witness minimal interest unless there’s an expectation of sex, as guys view it as a wasteful expense. How does babestation daytime address this indifference to platonic conversation? Various approaches are taken. Some girls excel at tapping into the ‘attention’ market, retaining specific and frequent callers. Established girls with longevity in the business, a notable presence, and a regular customer base can navigate their roles effortlessly. However, many shows, at some point, attempt to attract viewers by hinting or suggesting, through advertising, that callers might experience phone sex.

Back then, daytime shows were well aware of the risks associated with displaying visuals reminiscent of night shows and raunchy cam shows, and to safeguard their future, they avoided such content. However, four or five years prior, before Ofcom delivered the decisive blow to Bang Media, even on Freeview, a daytime babeshow could closely resemble a night show. In an archived image, Gemma Hiles is featured on the Early Bird show, the daytime Bang Babes show. Gemma appears deeply engaged in phone sex, but some of these performers were adept at creating the illusion of intense pleasure while discussing unrelated topics. Bang Media’s daytime show, Early Bird, aired daily on Freeview 98 from 5.30am-9am, spanning October 2009 to November 2010. Renowned for its visually impactful content, it garnered attention not only from viewers but also from the regulator Ofcom. Ultimately, Ofcom removed it from the airwaves, along with its nighttime counterpart, Bang Babes. However, during its over one-year run on Freeview, Early Bird left an enduring impression on the audience. Members of the Bang Babes team later went on to create studio66. Many former S66 girls can be found today featuring on Babestation’s live sex cams.

Phone sex

This marked the onset of significant challenges, applicable to Babestation daytime and all other daytime babeshows. The fundamental issue was that genuine phone sex was prohibited on Early Bird, and calls needed to be recorded for monitoring purposes. Coupled with the expectation of many callers for more than just a casual chat, the job became a daunting task for the girls. Some calls consisted of a relentless barrage of sexual requests, each met with responses like “I can’t do that” or similar. Gossip circulated about certain girls participating in daytime sex chat, and many fans would neither confirm nor deny these stories. However, the official stance was against such engagement, and if you randomly selected ten calls, you’d likely find evidence of this gossip.

Tits out during daytime

Emma spellar pink top and jeans babestation daytime

Before the ‘Teleshopping revolution’ in September 2010, there were no clear guidelines on what a daytime babeshow could or couldn’t broadcast since regulators hadn’t officially recognised unencrypted babe channels. While channels like Babestation daytime were expected to be inoffensive, the interpretation varied. What was deemed acceptable exposure was debatable. Different girls and producers had diverse views. In some clips, Fernanda Ferrari, a regular on the Freeview show, had a bit of a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ on Early Bird in 2010.

However, ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ or ‘nip slips’ were quite common on Early Bird and other old babeshows supposedly adhering to a topless ban. Former Miss Great Britain Emma Spellar appeared to experience these mishaps frequently. In some unearthed shorts, we discovered old Emma Spellar pulling the slipping top back into place rather than pulling it down. There’s another sequence where one nipple pops out, and then she hastily leans around to put it away, only for the entire other breast to fall out. While the motion blur makes capturing these moments challenging, they add a comedic element, and even she laughs. Emma’s wardrobe issues prompted at least one producer to take her feed off screen on February 19th 2010, and ask her to use “tit tape.” She mentioned it was the first time she had been asked to wear it in her three years of working there.


Some producers appeared to prefer pushing the limits and showing more rather than less. As seen in the picture archives, the ‘open leg to cam’ views were not captured by the main cameras but came from alternate camera feeds, occasionally mixed in for variety. These ‘pervcam’ style shots, featured Sammie Pennington, Emma Spellar and Alexa Heart, providing Babestation daytime viewers with a bit extra, while offering the show a potential excuse in case of complaints.

Laura Bates wasn’t a Babestation daytime babe but she brought another burst of visual appeal to Early Bird, maintaining a regular presence throughout the summer of 2010. Watching Laura, it was easy to forget you were tuned into a daytime show. The show’s strength lay in featuring exceptionally hot models exuding raw sex appeal. The limited accessibility to explicit images online added intrigue and commercial value. Despite regulatory challenges, the dynamics of Early Bird were solid for a daytime babe channel.

Sammie Pennington topless babestation daytime

Lucy Anne, a regular on Early Bird, took a more straightforward approach, avoiding explicit actions. Her subtle approach proved that a chat line could be marketed without defying Ofcom. Despite her understated style, Lucy Anne’s appeal remained potent on Early Bird, proving that sexiness doesn’t always require explicit content. The impact of Early Bird is evident in the fact that renowned performers like Dannii Harwood and former Babestation daytime star Tiffany Tate-Taylor haven’t been mentioned yet. Imagine a daytime show so compelling that even Danni Harwood bouncing her big tits in a see-through top, doesn’t steal the spotlight. Early Bird achieved that feat. Many argue that modern night shows lack the watchability of these classic daytime programs, challenging the misconception that ‘sexier’ must equate to ‘more pornographic.’ The memory of Early Bird dispels this myth, emphasising the power of what remains unseen.

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