This weekend we are pulling out all the stops and have invited our top girls to appear on Babestation Daytime for your viewing pleasure. The veterans are out in force and they are ready to get chatting, jump on Pervcam and get hella cheeky. Just look at this impressive line-up:

Friday 9th June

Charlie C – 5.30am-2pm
Anyone who’s been an avid Babestation daytime watcher throughout the years will know this absolute beauty. She’s the East Londoner with a gorgeous London accent to match. Her flawless physique and 5’2 frame is perfectly complimented by 36G-24-38 curves that she loves to flaunt on nights out, whether in a pair of jeans and a vest or the tiniest of thongs.

Babestation daytime babe, Charlie C

Aemelia Fox – 2pm-10pm
This brunette stunner has the looks and charm of 1940s pin-up model with the filthy chat of a porn star. What an awesome combination!
As well as appearing on the day show she also likes to perform the odd solo section on BSX just to give her fans an eyeful.

Saturday 10th June

Nicole snow – 5.30am-2pm
Her exotic looks, tiny waist and glorious round ass are utterly mesmerising and to top it off, Nicole is an absolute sweetheart. She has made a huge impact since starting Babestation last year, with callers rushing to speak to this raven haired English/Thai beauty. Her performance on the show is seductive, alluring and energetic; with a sexy husky voice to match.

Rosie Lee – 2pm-10pm
Rosie has been appearing on Babestation on and off for over 7 years now and she still looks as fresh faced and sexy as the day she started. She has insane curves that are 100% all natural and a down to earth, cheeky personality to boot. I actually remember getting up to mischief with Rosie in the changing room back when I was on the show and she is a totally prankster.

Babestation daytime babe, Rosie Lee

Sunday 11th June

Danni Levy – 5.30am-2pm
If you love a shy ‘girl next door’ type then Danni is not the one for you. This girl is fun, boisterous, and has a brilliant sense of humour that never fails to have the entire studio in hysterics.
The sexy Essex babe has been a regular on Babestation Daytime for the past 5 years and her popularity shows no sign of waning. Her waist length brunette hair and plump, pouty lips and MASSIVE BOOBS are a striking sight and it’s impossible not to stare at her.

babestation daytime levi

Cali Garcia – 2pm-10pm
Cali is a bit of Babestation veteran and has been appearing on the show since she was a 19-year-old whippersnapper. Her natural, fresh faced appearance and slim figure have made her popular among both male and female fans and she’s just a total sweetheart to chat to. She is versatile and approachable yet remains sexy and alluring. What a winning combination!

babestation night time and babestation daytime babe, Cali

What an absolutely cracking weekend! I told you we were pulling out the big guns. Be sure to set your alarms and get on the blower for a raunchy chat with these sexy beauties.