Hey fellas, it’s been a busy weekend here at Babestation headquarters and we’ve been shooting tonnes of brand new content for you to feast your eyes on. If you’re reading this while you’re on the commute home then you might want to angle your phone away from anyone peering over your shoulder as these Babestation updates are hella filthy.

Babestation Updates

Monday 5th June – Kerrie Lee shows off her pole tricks and strips down to her birthday suit


Tuesday 6th June – Cali Garcia rocks a sexy lace bra and panty set and shows you what you’ve all been missing


Friday 9th June – Amber gets naked and give herself a good soaping up in the shower


Saturday 10th June – Lexi Lowe stretches across her sofa and fondles herself to climax


Some pretty awesome viewing there! If you’d like to see the unedited x-rated version then head on over to and register as a VIP Babecall member. There you will get to see not just this weeks upcoming videos, but hundreds of other filthy videos and pictures we have on the site of all of your favourite babes from the past and the present. Go on, you know you wanna!

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In totally unrelated news, I’ve been getting a lot of tweets, messages and dick pics (cheeres for that) recently from guys asking my advice about the ideal penis size. Instead of messaging everyone individually I thought I’d just post a response here instead.

Despite what porn tells you, it is most definitely not common to have a 9inch dong. So many guys used to call me whilst I was on the channels and tell me their dick was 9 or 10 inches long. Like shut the fuck up dude, I know you’re lying. The average UK penis is actually only half that at around 4-5 inches.

If you’re unfortunate to be working with what we call a micro-penis then you’re going to have to get creative with your sexual positions. There’s no point in trying to take your Mrs from behind if you’ve got a dick the size of an acorn. You’re going to need to try a position that will allow deeper penetration such as her on her back with her legs pulled right back. That’s always a good’un. For those ranging from a micro-ween right up to a swinging salami, this video shows the ideal positions for your size.