This humble blogger gets to meet the wonderful Charlie C for a nice chat during her daytime show…

Firstly, let me remind you that tonight’s live show on Babestation X features Victoria Summers and Karlie Simon (full hardcore lesbian sex show).

On my visit to the studios the other day I was pleased to see Charlie C, one of the biggest Babestation girls (in more ways than one). She was wearing a wonderful latex outfit that left very little to the imagination. This is of course because her massive tits were hanging out of her top! In fact whenever you see her on the show her tits are barely concealed.

She was happy to speak with me, although a little concerned that it would interfere with her lunch. You can’t blame the poor girl of course, she works real hard on Babestation and Babestationcams, and she needed time to eat, AND do an outfit change in a limited time. We work them like pack horses at the studio you know.

Charlie C big tits
Charlie C chats with Babestation Blogger

Charlie was telling me a little about her tiny little feet. Apparently they’re something to behold, and you lot out there have a very particular fondness for them. Well, let’s call it what it is… a foot fetish! Personally I don’t understand foot fetish, I’m more of a tit man myself, but I’m sure you lot could explain it quite well. If you’d like to leave a comment for Charlie C, she does read this blog and loves to see what you all think of her.

Or alternatively you could follow her on Twitter and find out what she’s up to day by day, see her personal pictures and learn when she’s going to perform and on which show.

Keep it on Babestation. Day or night we’ve got the goods and we’re happy to share them with you