What follows is a blog about the early days of Babestation Daytime, originally posted by @Babe_TV on their Tumblr account on the 8th of November 2013.  Their’s was an incredibly detailed account and charted many of the events of Babestation going back a long time.  Unfortunately, it can no longer be accessed as the account has been deleted.  Luckily we have a number of posts and we will be posting them here and on Babestationcams in tribute to the work that was done.

Things have changed a lot on the daytime babeshows over the past few years… But not quite this much… Whilst both the images in this post, (IMAGES UNAVAILABLE) bear the Babestation Daytime graphics, they actually come from the fantastic 2010 Freeview show Babestation 99 (which took its feed from the Sky show Babestation 2).  Babestation 99 hit Freeview at 10pm, so it certainly wasn’t a day show, but it did on a number of occasions broadcast for short periods with these Babestation Daytime graphics, left on screen from preceding transmissions. There’s a good clue that the graphics are there by error evident in the babes’ names in the top right hand corner of each frame…

Introducing the show in the image above is not Cleo O’Booty as the graphics state, but Kandi Kay. At this time in early 2010, Kandi had only recently returned after a spell away from the babe channels. She’d previously been introduced to the Freeview babeshows as one of the original Partyland girls, and appeared on that programme between March and July 2009, simply using the name Candy. Prior to the inauguration of Partyland, Candy had been working on the Sky channels as a Babecast/Sexstation girl.


She returned to Cellcast’s Freeview shows in December 2009, this time with Babestation. By now, however, former Bang Babe Candy Sexton (also just known as Candy) had moved to Babestation, and that potentially meant two like-named girls working the same shows. Even if the viewers knew who was who, the backstage team would potentially have problems working out whose download pics or vids to send out when viewers texted in for them, so Candy (the former Partyland girl) became Kandi.

For nearly eleven months she referred to herself on Babestation as “Kandi with a K” (to differentiate herself verbally from Candy Sexton), but in November 2010 she made things easier by adopting the name Kandi Kay. She’d used the surname alias Kay before as a model, but not on the babe channels.

In the second image (above)(IMAGES UNAVAILABLE), once again the girl’s name appearing at the top right of the screen is not that of any of the featured babes. Had this been a real daytime show, I’m sure Ofcom would have had one or two things to say about it, but thankfully it was broadcast post-watershed, and it was shot in the pre-teleshopping era, when there weren’t really any guidelines to advise against girl-girl contact or highly suggestive mimes.

The Babestation Daytime graphics do seem to draw more attention to the power of the scene though. It’s always been pretty easy to get desensitised to the babeshows, and sometimes it takes looking at them from a different angle to rediscover what a daring dynamite-blast of societal irreverence they’ve been. For me, the babestation daytime graphics provide that different angle. By imagining this going out at 6:30 in the evening, you get a much more powerful sense of what a daring piece of television it is.

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