I recently read an article that said we should all be smacking ourselves off at work as it’s meant to improve productivity. This might just be the best news you’ve heard all year!  A member of the Swedish Social Democrat Party, Erik Muskos, recently proposed the introduction of ‘sex breaks’ at work as a means of improving wellness amongst employees. Workers would get an hour break throughout the day to pleasure themselves in any way they see fit; whether that be nipping to the bathroom to beat your meat or closing your office door and calling Babestation.

Muskos said that regular sex breaks are incredible for your mental physical wellbeing, whether it’s about “cleaning your pipes”, boosting your immune system or just improving your mood. It’s also been proven that masturbation can actually improve your sex life and give you that extra stamina. I can totally agree with that. I once dated a guy who rarely masturbated and he is what my friends and I would call “two pumps and a squirt”. Don’t be that guy! Have a wank!

Babestation babe, caty cole

Nottingham Trent University psychologist Mark Sergeant also highlighted the mental benefits, noting it could be a “great form of self-motivational reward” for employees who have just completed a task or work-based target. Another psychologist said that a masturbation policy could result in “more focus, less aggression, higher productivity, and more smiling” which would be pretty bloody awesome in the workplace.

So what are your thoughts? Fancy giving yourself a hand shandy at work? I would personally love dedicated hour to ‘take care of myself’. I reckon I’d be way less of a moody bitch if I played with myself daily.

In other exciting news, Babestation has now launched it’s very own forum where you can share your views on the shows, chat to other fans and share pics of your favourite babes. We wanted to provide our loyal viewers with a place they can discuss the shows in a safe and positive environment and I reckon you’ll be really happy with what we’ve created.

Who says Monday’s have to be boring?!



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