First off, I wanted to squash a few rumours that have been circulating recently about the Babestation studios supposedly moving to Norfolk. I can categorically say that this is 100% bullshit! The rumour was recently published in the Norfolk Herald claiming that the owner of Babestation had just rented a premises in Norwich but I’m sad to tell all you Norfolk folk that Babestation are staying exactly where they are. It’s hard enough for our London based girls as it is to travel back and forth; I reckon we’d lose most of our staff if we decided to up sticks all the way to Norfolk.

Even though the rumour was harmless and slightly ridiculous, it did make me wonder just how often Babestation has been featured in mainstream media over the years. We’ve been mentioned by some truly iconic people; from Keith Lemon and Jimmy Carr to prolific instrumentalists such as Bastien Keb (exert below).

Babestation was a game changer when it started over a decade ago and has continued its meteoric rise through the media ever since. There aren’t many people out there that don’t know Babestation, both girls and guys alike. Lets not forget the recent phone blunder which saw the residents of Westport receiving some rather raunchy calls.

Judge Rinder loves our girls too…

Keith Lemon can’t get enough of us!

Our girls have also appeared in Doom Man’s hit single ‘have you any flows’

Overall, how many adult Sky channels can say that they’ve had this kind of coverage?! Not many, that’s for sure. Lets face it, Babestation has and always will be Number 1! Whether it’s parodies, news articles or celebs mentions, Babestation will be the word on everyone’s lips.


  1. Mentioned on Radio X, mentioned on BBC Josh, mentioned on TXFM by a caller who wished it was BS closing down and not TX… The station’s got a lot of mention in the media over the years.

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