Babestation’s name has been cropping up in pop culture since the show first aired. To date we have been referenced in comedy shows, athletes Twitter accounts, reality TV shows, radio shows and chat shows. One notable mention comes from the channel 4 show, TV Heaven, Telly HellThe popular Channel 4 program not only named Babestation in one of the episodes, but dedicated an entire segment to Babestation. For those who haven’t seen or heard of TV Heaven, Telly Hell, it was a comedy show hosted by comedian genius, Sean lock.


Sean would invite guest hosts onto the show to look through funny video clips where they would discuss the footage and debate whether the clips belonged in “TV Heaven” or “Telly Hell” AKA was it great tv or crappy tv? This particular episode featured comedian Jimmy Carr, who alongside Sean Lock, decided to send Flavor of Love to “TV Heaven” and Babestation to “Telly Hell.” It was all in good fun and the big wigs at Babestation towers were pleased as punch just to get a mention from British comedy royalty such as Jimmy Carr and Sean Lock.

I actually remember watching that episode and vividly remember giggling whilst watching Jimmy Carr laugh hysterically at Yvette Merriman as she spoke about ‘tallywackers’ in her West Country accent. This last part of the episode (which is sadly no longer available to watch) has Jimmy Carr and Sean Lock acting out a Babestation knockoff called Manstation. It was comedy gold.

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There was also an indirect reference to Babestation on Charlie Brooker’s television rundown show, Weekly Wipe. In the episode in question, former Babestation model, Reede Fox, starred in a Babestation parody clip titled  ‘Black Box Babes’, which poked fun at the overtly sexual voices on the Babeshows. The skit involved Reede talking in a seductive tone over the radio to a pilot as he lost control of the plane.

Other comedy show references, include Keith Lemon chatting about Babestation on Celebrity Juice. He even climbed onto the desk and pretended to take part in a Babestation audition, complete with ass shaking. Take a look:


Below is another Babestation mention on the Big Fat Quiz of the 90s.

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