Thee’s only one place you need to look for you live babeshow needs, it’s the babe channel that started it all off, Babestation!  But what happens when Babestation gets out into the real world?  In places where you wouldn’t normally find it?  Here’s some examples of when Babestation gets out into the wild, among the general public.  Even…in places where it shouldn’t.

Here’s the first example, a video by The Spike Direction Effect, called ‘Babestation Blues’

Then there’s the incident at Bristol Rovers:

Footy fans got a right eyeful when they nipped down to the Memorial Stadium clubhouse bar to watch highlights of the football match on the TV. During half-time of the game between Bristol Rovers and Crawley, one cheeky lad managed to get hold of the remote and switch the channel to Babestation. Imagine intensively watching the highlights over a pint and a packet of Scampi fries when suddenly you’re confronted with a whopping set of bangers. Tbf, it’s more interesting than highlights, surely?!

The live footage of a scantily-clad Hannah Claydon momentarily disappeared only to reappear as the game game back on the TV.

Bristol Rovers said they are currently investigation the situation. Jeez, calm down fellas, it’s only a set of tits FFS. They also happen to be the best set of tits on Babestation daytime.

Some of the older guys in the bar had no idea what was happening and seemed quite baffled as to what was going on. One even turned to his mate and asked “what channel is this?”, to which his mate explained the whole concept of Babestation to his clueless friend. Funnily enough he went home shortly after so he might well have popped home to have a cheeky wank over a phone sex call with Hannah Claydon or one of the other hot babes.

Other footy fans tweeted their amusement, with Rival club Bristol City tweeting about their own TV screens: “We can’t promise any Babestation, sorry. Our TVs have parental control.” HA!

One dude, Dave from Portbury, said he wasn’t  offended by the channel switch. He told BBC Radio Bristol: “It was quite amusing really. The first time we thought it was just an advert but then the football came back on and then whoever had a remote control put it back on again and there was a massive cheer.

Chairman of Bristol Rovers, Steve Hamer, might need to get a sense of humour because he said the the whole thing was “not acceptable”. Alright, calm down, Steve. This isn’t the first time a TV was hijacked by someone who wanted to display Babestation.

And it doesn’t stop there, how about the time a London estate agent was caught displaying Babestation live to the passers by on the unsuspecting streets of Notting Hill. Robert Bartlett, global property CEO, tweeted an image of the estate agents with a topless woman clearly seen from the shop’s window. Oops!

Here’s a story from the tumblr of Peter Hook, legendary bassist Joy Division and New Order. About the time he hijacked the TV at the the Picturedome theatre:

“A nice return to another beautiful old theatre rescued from development. It’s quite strange coming and doing it again with these two albums, making 6 albums performed here and in many of these venues. These gigs are becoming like old friends. A ‘SELL OUT’ show and the crowd went nuts from beginning to end. It felt like I was back in New Order for a minute there (without the angst I must say). The highlight of the evening was finding out that the SKY controller in the dressing room was for the bar downstairs, which was packed with people waiting to watch the Rugby. I did what any self respecting Rock ‘n’ Roller would do….switched it to BABESTATION XXX, locked the door and went onstage. We could hear the protest from onstage…but hey mischief is my middle name, ask The Troll;)”

Love Hooky x ‘15



Most recently in Watford, Gym goers were shocked to discover that some among them were attempting to watching the adult phone chat channels while using the machines!  Read all about the story of the Watford Leisure Centre’s attempt to crack down on porn here.

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