Howdy fellas. Welcome to this week’s Babestation updates blog.  I hope your weekend was full of fun and frolics. Mine was spent smacking my fanny off to quite a bit of porn. Yes, us ladies like porn too. Plus it’s good to sometimes just lie back and give yourself a good seeing to. Not only does it rid you of any sexual frustration but it also makes you a happier person in general. I’m a right moody bitch when I’ve not had any action for a few days.

Anyhoo, enough about my vajayjay. Let’s talk about what we’ve got coming up this week on For those of you who still haven’t pulled your finger out of your rectum and signed up as a VIP Babecall member, NOW is the time to do it. Not only are there daily x-rated video and picture updates but you also get a whole heap of other benefits, including complimentary call credits, a gold username in the chat box plus you get to watch all pay-per-view BSX shows for FREE.

Check out this video to see all of the steamy content coming to the members area this week. Remember this is the CLEAN edit guys, when you sign up as a VIP Babecall member you will see the x-rated version.

In totally unrelated news, have you heard about the new robot who can give you the perfect blowjob? I don’t think there is man on earth who doesn’t love a good blowy. In fact, most of the men I know would take a blowjob over having sex. Which is why Arlan Robotics has come up with a genius way for you to get gobbled off on a daily basis, by using their new oral sex robot.

Babestation updates

The project is currently being crowdfunded but the company says the robot “will look, smell, feel and move like a real human”. It will also have a soft silicone mouth with a delicate tongue and semi-rigid teeth that will give the user a great noshing. Babestation Updates

Arlan haven’t just thought about the sex element either; they’ve also come up with a nifty way of hiding your robot when you have guests over so your mates don’t think you’re an utter loser. They’ve created the robot so it can be converted into a cushion and metal structure when it’s not in use where the head can be neatly stored inside the cushion. You’ll still have to explain to your mates what the fuck the metal structure is though and why your cushion is lumpy but hey, that’s for you to figure out.

I’ve got to say, I’m not overly impressed by the look of the robot. She looks a tad ropey, and why is she wearing my nans coat? If you’re not a lonely neckbeard living in your mums annexe and prefer the company of real human ladies, then sack off the idea of a knob munching robot and call our girls instead for a fully interactive experience. You can’t beat that!  More Babestation updates coming next week!