Holy Sith, it’s that time of year again folks. It’s time to grab your lightsabers, channel the force and celebrate “Star Wars Day”. May the fourth be with you!  Today our BSX babes have been channeling their inner Princess Leia, as they were asked a bunch of Star Wars related questions. Some of them did pretty well while some totally tanked.

Thank god they’re hot because their Star Wars knowledge sucks balls. But hey, I’m sure you don’t call them to quiz them on Darth Vader so we’re all good.

In other news, I would like to introduce you to our brand spanking new service that I’m sure you are all going to love. By using the Cam2Studio service you can now live stream yourself straight to the girls in the studio. Whether you want to blow your favourite girl a kiss or just show her your tackle, you can by following these simple steps:

Click on your favourite girl
Click ‘Cam2Studio’

It’s really as easy as that. No faffing about, just let loose and give your fave babe an eyeful. If you needed anymore convincing, check out this video.

If you aren’t already pulling your pants down ready to have a go then you need to have a word with yourself. Speaking of pulling your pants down, we have one heck of a line up for BSX this weekend.

Friday 4th May 11.30pm – Solo show with Ella Mai

Saturday 6th May 11.30pm – Girl/Girl show with Jess West and Roxi Keogh

BSX Babe, Roxi Keogh

What did I tell you? Cracking huh? I actually miss doing girl/girl shows on BSX. I had so much fun doing them back in the day. Every now and then, I’ll stick on one of my girl/girl scenes on Babetstation TV and have a strum while watching myself going down on a girl. It might be odd, it might be slightly narcissistic, but who the fuck cares as long as you’re having fun.

If you would like to revisit all of my past porn scenes scenes, plus watch all BSX shows for FREE, simply sign up as VIP Babecall member.