Hey everyone, welcome to the official Babestation TV blog!

We have so much great content that we shoot with girls from all over the British glamour/adult industry, as well as our own babes on Babestation TV. All of it eventually makes it’s way onto the Babestation website, Babestation.tv.

We haven’t often featured this content on the blog, so that’s something we’re going to be putting right with weekly posts about upcoming content you can find on the Official Babestation website.

Starting us off is a cracking new hardcore boy-girl shoot we’ve got with Aruba Jasmine and Alexei. You can see a snippet of it in the header image at the top of this post. It’s all based outdoors; Alexei brings Aruba Jasmine in to wash his car, and of course one thing leads to another and before long they’re going at it like rabbits over the bonnet. I guess that was always going to happen, otherwise it would just be a video of a girl washing a car, which would be shit.  If you want more car wash action, how about Beth Bennett, Jess West, Roxi Keogh carwash.

The Aruba Jasmine and Alexei car wash video will be going live on the Official Babestation website today, so go take a look over at Babestation.tv.

Next up is some more high quality boy-girl porn, shot on site at Babestation HQ with two of the most familiar names on the British porn scene, Alyssa Divine & Dean Van Damme.

It’s a casting-style scene, with Alyssa Divine coming in to show the boss that she’s the one for the job. This blog writer isn’t 100% sure what the casting is actually for in the piece, but does anyone really care if it ends up with a hot British pornstar bent over a desk? Didn’t think so. Alyssa Divine is stunning in this shoot, it’s clear to see she knows exactly what she’s doing and is at home in front of our video cameras.

See this scene from Alyssa Divine and Dean Van Damme from Wednesday 7th October on the Babestation Website. Babestation.tv.

Thirdly, let’s talk about a great photo shoot we have going live on the Babestation website this coming Sunday. It features a hugely popular Babestation TV babe, Dannii Harwood.

In this shoot, Dannii Harwood plays the part of the naughty student kept behind for detention. Obviously, being that she’s a sexy Babestation babe and that it would be a pretty boring photo-shoot were this not the case, Dannii Harwood goes on to take her clothes off, until she’s left with nothing but her little ankle socks and heels. Fans of Dannii Harwood will love this one, so why not sign up to Babestation TV this week to make sure you well-placed to download all the pics from the shoot!

Dannii Harwood’s naught detention photoshoot will be live on the Babestation website on Sunday 11th October. See it here: Babestation.tv.

The last thing hot little thing we’re going to feature in this post today in Delia Rose, and a sexy new shoot of her getting all lathered up in the bath. Now, I’m just one man, but in my opinion body’s don’t come much fitter than the one Delia Rose carries round. Curves in all the right places, great bum and boobs, the full package!

Seeing her naked in the bath is a great way to display all these assets, so feast your looking balls on this amazing new photo shoot.

See Delia rose in the bath on Thursday 8th October on the Babestation website.


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