Babestation X is an exclusive, late-night show on Babestation. It’s easy to get involved, just press the red button on Freeview channel 673.

The show is hosted on Saturday by Harleyy Heart and Amber Phoenix and features some filthy live girl on girl sex as well as porn movies playing all night long! Over the years, BSX has become one of the most exciting shows on the babe channels and has built a loyal fan base. Read to find out more about this show and how you can get involved.

Babestation X

What is Babestation X?

Babestation has been broadcasting for a while now, and it has become synonymous with erotic entertainment in Britain. It has played an important role in popularizing porn among the general public. Playing premium videos from top xxx studios as well as the best quality sex movies produced in house.

Babestation X is an adult entertainment channel that broadcasts on Freeview Channel 673 and via Babestation’s VIP members area. Its shows include live sex shows, interactive games, and phone sex. The babes on the channel host these programs and features British pornstars such as Kerry Louise, Jess West, Karina Currie, Rio Lee and Amanda Rendall as well as adult entertainment stars from around the world such as Cathy Heaven and Stella Paris. Some of which have appeared across other babeshows like Studio 66 TV.

The programs featured on Babestation X include live sex, phone sex and games. Such features as live sex shows and interactive games have become more common in porn today, but Babestation X is one of the few channels that still offers cheap phone sex as an interactive option with milf babes, big boobs porn stars and big ass babes.

Tune in this Friday from 10pm on Freeview 673.

babestation x

Hosts of Babestation X

A UK cam model and experienced adult entertainer, Harleyy Heart is a regular host on Babestation X. She has appeared in numerous publications stripped out of her lingerie and in threesome vids she also has a successful modelling career. A rising star in the British porn industry, Amber Phoenix has appeared on the TV babeshows and BSCams. She is renowned for her BDSM shows and her hardcore XXX performances on camera. Finally, Zeena, a British glamour model and one of the hottest adult performers.

All three babes have made their mark in the adult entertainment industry and are no doubt worthy of your attention.

babestation x

How to watch Babestation X?

Babestation X is a unique online experience that brings babes from across the globe together for live chat, full-length scenes and cam session. There are hundreds of babes on the channel, with Zeena, Harleyy Heart and Amber Phoenix and more making regular appearances. You can watch Babestation X on Babestation’s official website or on Freeview channel 673.

The shows and content on Babestation X include live sex chat, raunchy videos, interactive vibratoy sex toys shows and babeshow babes like Beth and Preeti, and other former S66cams babes like Lori hot tip goals and much more. The babes keep the viewers entertained with their various talents and interests. The best part is that you can watch Babestation X for free!

Babestation X
Harleyy Heart

Who are the hosts of Babestation X?

The babes on the channel are super bubbly and energetic girls who love to have fun and entertain their fans. They are professional webcam models with years of experience performing before thousands of viewers online. Their diverse interests make for an interesting show, so be sure to check them out!

What are the benefits of watching Babestation X?

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend some time online, you should definitely give Babestation X a shot! Not only does it offer free shows, but it also offers a wide range of entertaining content to keep you engaged. Besides that, its babes are super adorable and enthusiastic, making for an engaging watch time experience overall.

Babestation X
Amber Phoenix

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can viewers expect to see on Babestation X?

Viewers tuning in to Babestation X can expect to see a variety of content including live XXX lesbian sex shows, solo masturbation shows, porn movies and more. The babes on the show will be engaging with each other in sensual foreplay, kinky role-plays and full-on lovemaking. There will also be porn stars, babeshow babes and Studio 66 babes porn videos from some of the top studios playing all night long for those looking for more explicit adult entertainment. All in all, there is something for everyone on Babestation X!


If you’re in the mood to watch some erotic entertainment, be prepared for some steamy action on Babestation X. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not have a go at hosting your own show? You could get lucky and have any of our babes blow your mind with their hot bodies and sexual talents. If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your evening, tune in to Babestation X now!

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