Lacey looks good in uniform guys, I think you’ll agree.  Although we’re not quite sure why she wanted to go to The Academy again for this shoot… Perhaps she needs a little more training?

Personally I don’t think Lacey could get any better on screen, so I doubt that’s the reason.  I think it has more to do with the fact that this Babestationtv rising star is as kinky as fuck and just likes to create hard-ons the size of Nebraska wherever she goes.

Lacey Lorenzo showing off her uniform

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Lacey Lorenzo showing the recruits how it’s done

Lacey is indeed one of the New Generation of Babestation girls and she’s a tough act for many of the new Academy recruits to follow.  If they start getting as good as Lacey then they’re sure to be onto a winner.

We love you Lacey

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  1. look stunning as always &your full frontal pics put a smile. I can’t shift on my face
    Craig. R

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