Babestation are proud to announce another great Babestation X weekend…

This weekend will kick off with Lacey Lorenzo on the show.  Despite her age, Lacey is an old hand at the Babestation X live shows and she’s even happier that she won’t be under the close scrutiny of our competitors because the show is online only (stick that in your pipe and smoke it!)  This means she is free to do whatever she wants of course.

Lacey Lorenzo
Lacey Lorenzo on Babestation X this weekend

The same can be said for our gorgeous Brookie Little who will be on Babestation X Live Show on Saturday!  Brookie and her massive tits will be swinging into action for yet another stunning performance and she looks forward to your support, and if at all possible a little chat with you on the phone.  Remember that Brookie really likes you to get into it folks, so have your best fantasies ready for the weekend.  Hell, you’ve got enough time to be thinking about them.

Brookie Little big tits
Brookie Little Babestation X Saturday night

Mark it on your calendars guys.  Friday with Lacey Lorenzo and Saturday with Brookie Little!

Babestation – Babestation X with proper Babestation girls!