I read a pretty interesting article earlier that said us Brits cannot get enough of ‘chav’ porn. Yup, that’s right folks! Apparently there has been a whopping 312% increase in PornHub users searching for the term ‘British chav’ and I can totally relate to that, being that my search history is pretty murky at best. I’m the only girl I know that deletes her internet searches after “use”. My porn choices have always been rather chavvy so I’m just glad I’m not the only one.

What I want to know is why do people love British chav porn so much? What is the appeal? Where did the word come from? After some research I came to find out that the word chav was adopted by ASDA after the low budget supermarket tried to trademark the word for their own brand of sweets. After a short time the word just started to rub people up the wrong way and columnists argued that it was a derogatory term used by elitists to describe the lower classes.

By the time Little Britain aired in 2000 with their pink tracksuit wearing character Vicky Pollard the chav label was unstoppable. Many people saw Vicky as a representation of white working class British youth and it was clear that the word ‘chav’ was here to stay.

So why, nearly 17 years later is the word ‘chav’ so appealing to so many British wankers? UK pornstar Chloe Davis say:

“The chav girl is not someone to take home to meet the family – she’s a throwaway fuck. They’re prime fodder for the the middle-aged man who fancies a bit of rough with a lady of easy virtue.”

So there you have it. If you fancy “a bit of a rough bird”  once in a while then chav porn is the way to go!

We’ve had a few chavvy looking girls at Babestation over the years and eing a fan of chav porn myself I don’t mean that in a mean spirited way in the slightest. I’ve come to realise that the ‘chav way’ isn’t something that can be mimicked by simply putting on a tacky outfit. Most of the chav girls I’ve met over the years have had a strong, commanding presence about them with that hint of “don’t fuck with me or you’ll regret it”. It can be pretty sexy on the right woman. Plus chav girls are filthy as fuck and you can’t beat a mucky bird in the bedroom.

To speak to some sexy chav girls, posh girls, slim girls, curvy girls and all girls inbetween, head on over to Babestation and see who floats your boat. Just like Baskin and Robbins we have all 31 flavours!


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