Leah Jaye Babestation College Girl

You can imagine a little scenario to go with this hot shoot from Leah Jaye. Imagine you’re the Dean… the Dean of Babestation! Leah Jaye has been a naughty girl… maybe she came onto one of her lecturers to try and improve a bad coursework mark.. I’m not sure what coursework would be made up of at a Babestation university, but I digress… Leah is in your office, it’s just you two, and the one way she can think of making up for her devience is to put on a bit of show for you, and strip completely naked on your desk!

Ahhh, it’s good to pretend, it can make pictures so much more exciting!

Anyway, have a gander at the free picture below to see exactly where this shoot goes, then check out the Babestation website to see the rest of these hot pictures of Leah Jaye, and all of her other Babestation content.

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation


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