Just when we thought, or at least hoped we’d left all the weird shit in 2020 a story comes out proving that we still have a long way to go. This time we’re heading back over to Kazakhstan where the bodybuilder who married his rubber sex doll is back in the headlines. Turns out he’s having marriage problems. In case you didn’t read the original story – a dude called Yurii Tolochko married his long time love, Margo, who also happens to be a state of the the art sex doll. Here’s the full story to bring you up to speed: Bodybuilder marries his sex doll in lavish lockdown ceremony

So you’d think it would all be wedded bliss and ‘happily ever after’ if the ‘person’ you’re marrying has no opposing opinions and beliefs right? WRONG! Apparently there’s been a bit of trouble in paradise because Yurii has been telling his friends he’s sick to death of how much time Margo spends on social media. I mean I guess that can be annoying. I wonder if she’s been double tapping on pics of male sex dolls?! Even though the couple have only been married for a short time, Yurii has given his new bride an ultimatum and put his foot down. Whoa! Calm down there, Yurii.

Anyone who saw the couples pics from their picturesque wedding ceremony probably wouldn’t have foreshadowed the marriage problems the pair would face but yet here we are. Here’s what Yurii had to say about his marital woes:

In general, I began to be jealous of Margo.
Many men would like to imagine the same.
After the wedding, I decided to show her less to people, I forbade her from Instagram
Maybe I’m being too selfish.
But that’s the beauty of Margo, that I can do this to her and she won’t mind.
She is broken. Now she is being repaired.
She’s in another city.
When she recovers, it will be a gift for both of us.
Fortunately Christmas Day is January 7th in Kazakhstan so we have time.
We might stay at home and order steak and sushi or have some fun with friends.

I think Yurii needs to have a word with himself and actually maybe try to interact with a real human, like Atlanta for example, who’s probably more flexible than a rubber doll anyway. They don’t call her the human pretzel for nothing!