Charlie C Babestation Topless Pole Dance

Charlie C, once one of the darlings of our nighttime show, has recently been plying her trade during the day, and has become a bit of a daytime pro! But, in a way, once a nighttime girl, always a nighttime girl, as she recently had a her first overnight shift on Babestation for ages, and she keeps bashing out these kind of amazing topless shoots in our studio!

Take a look a the free picture of her below to see her sexy body in action!

All of Charlie C’s hardest content in going onto the Babestation website, so if I was you, I’d go and have a gander at that!

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

Check out this free picture, then get over to Babestation to see the full set:

Charlie C Babestation Topless Pole Dance Free Pic