Welcome to the ultimate A-Z guide of Babestation. From Geri to Gaming and Graphics, we have got all the information that you need to know about one of the most popular babe channels out there. In this blog, we will cover everything from the history of Babestation to how it has evolved over the years. We’ve even earned a place in the Urban sex dictionary. We will also talk about some of the most famous presenters on the channel and what makes them so popular among viewers. So sit tight as we take you through this comprehensive guide filled with fun facts and interesting tidbits. And finally, we will wrap up by discussing why Babestation continues to be a fan favourite despite being around for over a decade now.

babestation Melia Leigh wearing tiny thong


For over two decades, Babestation has captivated audiences with its unique style of TV programming. Broadcasting live across Sky, Freeview, and Virgin, Babestation has become the UK’s biggest provider of live sex cams, offering a whole new world of interactivity. From classic TV models like Tanya Tate and Michelle Thorne to a new generation of hot babes, including April Mae and Amber Paige, Babestation provides the best selection of british porn stars. The secret camera angles of the babes and the glamour content make it a favorite UK. With Babestation, viewers get to enjoy the sexiest TV and the cheapest phone sex in the UK. As we delve into the A to Z of Babestation in this series, be prepared to explore the world of adult chat television and cheap phone sex like never before.

G is for Geri

Babestation Geri flashing ass in fishnet bodystocking

Geri, with her sultry voice and seductive mannerisms, has solidified herself as one of Babestation’s most popular cams models and presenters, boasting a loyal fan base cultivated over several years. Her magnetic allure and captivating performances have made her a mainstay within the Babestation community. Here’s what an old producer had to say about Geri:

“Geri was a mainstay for many years and actually her voice was used for the show right into the late 2010’s. She was just such a good presenter, couple that with how lovely a person and fit Geri was and it’s clear why she was so important to the brand”.

G is for Gaming

Babestation’s origins trace back to its launch on the Game Network Sky channel 172, cementing its unique entry into the television landscape. Initially conceptualised as a gaming platform, Babestation’s evolution into an adult chat television channel represented a pivotal shift in the UK’s TV programming. Embracing a whole new world of interactivity, it has become one of the UK’s biggest nude cams providers, captivating audiences with secret camera angles and a bevy of hot babes. However, we do still like to offer games to viewers, although current day games are based around porn games. A producer babestation daytime from shared a story from working on the show in the early days.

“The channel was never meant to be what it still is today. It was supposed to be scantily clad girls, playing video games. That all changed once viewers realised they could see the girls tits instead. None of us have ever looked back!”

G is for Graphics

Louise Porter topless on Babestation in 2010

Graphics are integral to Babestation’s brand and promotional strategies. The graphics team creates logos, flyers, banners, and other marketing materials, ensuring a cohesive visual identity. High-quality graphics also enhance the user experience on Babestation’s website, contributing to its appeal. Additionally, graphics play a significant role in on-air content, such as overlays and transitions, elevating the overall viewer engagement and enticing them to interact with the nude models. The graphic designer recounts his old days in the office:

“The graphics for the show have changed a lot since I started. In the beginning they were pretty blocky with only a small window for a presenter and 2 or 3 small video streams down the side with babes on phones. Actually for the time it was pretty ground breaking and even now if you look at things like Twitch, we were doing a lot of that style of content back in the early 2000’s. Over the years the equipment and graphics department became more sophisticated and we were able to move away from some pretty cheesy ‘Dallas’ style transitions into something a little more slick”.

And Finally…

Discover a whole new world of interactivity as we explore everything under the letter H in our next article. From former studio66 girls to entertainment, Babestation offers a unique style of TV program that sets it apart as the UK’s biggest live sex cam provider. Join our VIP members and witness the best selection of video content featuring the finest talent in British porn. Babestation continues to redefine adult chat television in the UK. Get ready to delve into the secret camera angles of the babes and experience the ultimate in glamour content. Sign up to receive regular updates for upcoming shows, bsx-live performances and hot new babes.