Dionne Mendez naked bath shoot at Babestation

Oooh a first entry on the blog for Dionne Mendez, and I’m sure there’s a fair few of  you will be happy about that, as Dionne is one those Babestation girls that has been around forever and has the huge fan base to prove it!

What better way to get the Dionne Mendez ball rolling, then, than with a nude shoot in the bath? Take a look at the free picture below of this amazingly sexy shoot.

We just put this whole shoot onto the Babestation website, so if it tickles your fancy you’ll have to get over there to see the rest of it! 🙂

Click here to see the full photo shoot (and much more) on Babestation

Check out this free picture, then get over to Babestation to see the full set:

Dionne Mendez naked bath shoot free picture