For those who watched Game of Thrones episode 4 last night, you would have seen poor ol Missandei getting her head lopped off by Queen Cersei’s Henchman, the Mountain, and Dany’s beloved dragon getting speared through the throat by that Greyjoy twat. It was a pretty intense episode and yet all people seem to be banging on about today is the fact that some pleb from production left a Starbucks coffee cup in shot during a pivotal scene. Oops!

I never would have noticed had the eagled-eyed nerds not uploaded footage of the mishap like their lives depended on it. They must’ve spaffed their pants when they clocked the error because as we all know, TV/movie geeks just love pointing out continuity blunders. Anyhoo, why am I banging on about a cup, I hear you ask?! Because there is a huge similarity between our Queens from House Babestation and the Game of Thrones cup incident! Our babes recently took part in a Game of Thrones-themed photoshoot with their cups on full display – DD cups!

Check out these queens on the Iron Throne
hey will no doubt give you a hefty Bone
Get on that phone to hear them Moan! 

OK, so my poetry skills need some work but you get the idea! 

Check out Queen Ashley and her incredible curves. Boners are coming!!!

The Queens from House Babestation

The Queens from House Babestation

Queen Preeti of House Babestation and her magnificent tits! 

Queen Imogen and her shaven haven!

The Queens from House Babestation

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