You’ll be pleased to know we have a follow up to the story involving the man who was trying to track down ex-Babestation model, Laura Jones, so he could leave her £20,000 in his will. It’s still weird no matter how many times I hear about it.

50-year-old Thomas Weir spoke to Laura Jones for a year on the babe channel but it’s been roughly 6 years since he last spoke to her. Clearly she made quite the impression. After suffering for many years with diabetes, an MRSA infection and a leg amputation, Thomas knows he might not have long left, which prompted him to search for Laura, because she was ‘lovely,’ and he reckons she wouldn’t just spend the cash on useless tat.

After the story broke, Laura came forward to express her shock that a fan wanted to leave her such a sizeable chunk of money. Here’s what Laura had to say when The Sun newspaper contacted her:

The Babestation guys contacted my boss because I worked for Playboy. I was completely shocked.
It doesn’t feel real. I’ve done that life…I have children now. It feels weird, it’s the sort of thing that happens to other people but not me.

I need to talk to him and remember his voice to say thank you and then ‘really…are you sure’?I remember the name…but it’s voices, so I need to remember his voice and what we chatted about. This is about six years ago.You read about it in the paper all the time but never expect it to be you.

It must be like when you win the lottery and you’re like ‘really?’I’m not sure I want to take it off him. Does he need it? He doesn’t sound very well, bless him.But I need to talk to him and have a catch up. It makes me feel really nice that he enjoyed talking to me as a person.As soon as I’ll talk to him I’ll remember him because we must have got on so well. I don’t want him to be lonely.

Ex-Babestation Model
Damn, that’s some good PR! Go on Laura, act like you don’t want it so the public love you then grab that £20k and take your family on a cruise!  Thomas, from Greenock in Scotland, had insisted he’s “not a stalker or anything like that” but that’s probably something all stalkers say. He said:

I don’t want to get in touch with her, that’s not me. I think she’ll spend the money wisely and she’s such a lovely person, she is a loon – very funny.

Let’s see if loony ex-Babestation model Laura cashes in. My money is on YES! Or maybe that’s just what I would do!