December’s Babe Of The Month goes to everyone’s favourite bucket filler, Georgie Darby.  She’s been on the babe channels for many years, coming from a glamour modelling background to appear across Rampant TV, sexstation, as well as the babestation live babeshows and cam sites like babenation and pervcam.  Up until recently, Georgie was appearing on Studio 66 and on their old cam equivalent S66Cams until they were recently closed and Babestation welcomed her back with open arms.

So here’s Georgie, in her own words, taking the Babe Of The Month interview, enjoy.

Georgie Darby

1: How long have you been doing cams for? (including before BS)

Georgie Darby:  I’ve been Camming on and off for about 8 years but started Camming properly in 2019.

Georgie Darby
2: How would you describe one of your cam shows in 5 words?

GD:  Big and bouncy oily titties.

Georgie Darby

See more of Georgie’s huge tits in the this video

3: How did you get started with BS Cams and what do you like about it compared to other cam sites?
Georgie Darby:  I was Camming for another site and the opportunity come up to work for BS in November. I much prefer this site to the previous as it’s pretty simple to use.
Georgie Darby
4: What’s the strangest request you’ve ever had on cam?
GD:  Someone once asked me to demonstrate how I’d hammer a nail into his bellend lol
5:  What’s your favourite type of show to perform on cam?
Georgie Darby:  I love oil shows, love getting out my big tits, oiling them up and bouncing them around like fuck.
6: What have you always wanted to try on a cam show on on your Georgie Darby Onlyfans but never had chance to do yet?
GD: I Think I’ve done most things I’ve wanted to do really which is amazing.
7. And finally, what message would you like to send to your fans:
Thank you to each and everyone of you that’s followed me around for years emptying your bollox…tipped, buzzed, called me, perved on me, privated and of course… filled my bucket x

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