This article about Georgie Darby was inspired by Tumblr account BabeTV and some excerpts have been taken directly from his Tumblr.

Georgie first landed on Babestation TV in the autumn of 2009 as a cheeky & bubbly petite brunette. Having formerly modelled for catalogues and adult mags like Playboy, Georgie AKA Georgina was no stranger to posing and she already had a good public profile before appearing on the show.

Georgie Darby was unlike any other glamour model around that time. A sexually mischievous and naughty tomboy, she would banter with her callers before getting down to the nitty gritty. She had a knack of putting her callers at ease with her jokes and talk of “filling your buckets with spunk”, a tagline that would become a bit of a trademark for Georgie.

Up until 2010, Georgie appeared only Babestation Daytime and was the ‘It Girl’ of the moment. It wasn’t until the 14th December in 2009 that Georgie made her night show debut alongside blonde bombshell Alex Adams on Babestation Xtra. Appearing solely as a presenter, Georgie introduced herself and expressed that she wouldn’t be getting involved in the performance side of things “until next year”.

It’s interesting when we look back on the early days of Georgie Darby and the way she presented herself. Her accent was different; slightly posh, and her demeanour was more reserved. There were, however, hints of the madness that was yet to ensue. A prime example being when Georgie embarked on an anecdote about filling someone’s kettle with bacon and distributing raw sausages around their house. She was always coming up with wacky stories and anecdotes and the viewers loved her for it. Well, that coupled her insanely hot body and big natural boobs.

Georgie wasn’t seen again on the Freeview night shows until the night of 7th January 2010, when she finally became what she’d lovingly describe as a “dirt bag”. From then on, Georgie remained one of Babestation’s top babes. Her love of stripping nude and flashing her tattooed pussy certainly haven’t gone unnoticed and even though Georgie Darby no longer appears on Babestation, her filthy antics and extreme POV shots are still available to see in the Babestation TV members area where you get to see Georgie in all her naked glory.