Just when we thought the sex ban that was imposed in the spring was behind us, the government brings out another set of rules that makes casual sex illegal again. Oh joy. This time it’s only for people who don’t live together and are based in lockdown Tiers 2 and 3 so bad luck if you’re in any of those regions.

The Government’s casual sex ban is currently only for people living in London, Essex and York – as coronavirus lockdown rules are pretty stringent in those areas. Just in case you’re clueless as to what you can and cannot do, here’s a brief explanation – You can shag your partner who lives with you but you can’t hang out the back of someone you don’t live with if you’re in a tier 2 or 3 coronavirus area. Make sense to you? Yeah, me either.

Those who are in a high risk (tier 2) or very high risk (tier 3) area are not allowed go round to anyone else’s house or see anyone outside of their social bubble, making overnight stays are a complete no no.

Currently there are no loopholes or exemptions when it comes to an “established relationship” that is outside of the same household or support bubble. London, Essex and York were among the places being moved from tier 1 (medium) to tier 2 (high) recently. Those living in tier 1 (medium) lockdown areas are allowed to socialise in groups of six, indoors or outdoors but you still can’t have sex with someone outside of your social bubble even if you’re only tier 1. Jeez, it sounds like they’re making this up as they go along. So just that I have this correct – people in tier 1 can hang out and socialise in groups of six but you can’t have a casual hook up with your sexy fuck buddy?! Sounds a bit arse over tit to me but what do I know. I just work here.

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  1. And there still doing it

    Matt Hancock has confirmed that the ban on sex with anyone outside your household will continue after the national lockdown is lifted.

    The Health Secretary told today’s Downing Street press conference that any couples living apart in Tier 2 areas could only meet up outside.


    Does meet up outside mean taht they could have outdoor sex ? does anyone know if there has been an increase in dogging during the pandemic ?

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