Georgie Lyall is the Glasgow born pornstar with big, natural, F cup tits.  She’s been active in the porn industry since 2009 and in that time she has appeared in a number of big budget porn films, including:

Georgie Lyall
Poses in sexy red dress

Star Wars: The Last Temptation, (2017) which sees Rey struggling to complete her Jedi training by mastering not only her lust, as well as her lust for power.  In this sex in space adult adaptation of the well known franchise, Georgie Lyall plays the character of Princess Leia.  Who guides Rey on her path, and gets more than a bit of action of her own along the way.

Another of Georgie Lyall’s best known movies is 2019’s Just Between Us, where she stars alongside fellow pornstar Ella Hughes in another erotically charged film, this time about five sexy friends who share a common passion for regularly broadcasting their sexual exploits over webcam.

Georgie Lyall
Scottish Pornstar Georgie Lyall poses with her long legs and heels.

As well as these bigger movies, you can also find Georgie Lyall dressed up for some unique porn scenes, produced by FakeHub, where she gets to play even more characters and role play for all you cosplay fans in scenes such as, ‘Fucking a Robot Woman’ which according to it’s Pornhub description includes ‘big tits and a big space cop facial’  And another for all you cosplayer fans, ‘Cosplayers getting fucked on Earth and in Space.’

When she’s not dressed up, 35 year old Georgie Lyall is also prolific in the world of milf and naughty step mum movies to please her fans and Twitter followers.  You may also remember her from back in 2014 when she gained some notoriety for a liaison with then celtic player Virgil Van Dijk.

If you like what you see, check her out now on now.

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