Geri has been a favourite of Babestation fans for quite some time. Perhaps one of her most well known titles is the ‘Queen of Communication’! Now, we’re sure many of you are more interested in looking over her amazing body than chatting, but whatever you prefer, Geri remains one of the most influential ‘girl next door’ figures to have appeared on Babestation.

Before starting at Babestation, Geri had got into modelling, but by 2009 she was a regular on our infamous channel. Prior to that, Geri was always the life and soul of the party on the Freeview shows like Party Girls and Party People. One of her most unforgettable moments, was the set where she was inside a life size doll box, which we know for a fact, made several viewers dreams come true that night! Well… it’s a laugh isn’t it?

Towards the end of her TV stint with Babestation, Geri acted more as a presenter and voice-over girl to coincide with the rest of the show. A role which she said with the much-loved Megan. Geri would often be wandering around the set naked whilst making everyone laugh with her non-stop jokes, with Megan being filthy on the mic. They were known as the ‘Dynamic Duo’ and brought a totally upbeat vibe to the shows they hosted. Geri is one of the best babes of all time when it comes to engagement with the viewers, and she clearly knows exactly how to connect directly with her fans innermost fantasies and desires.

We at Babestation absolutely love Geri’s cute body! Her perfectly formed, natural 34 B perky boobs and her sensual rounded behind are just two of her many amazing assets. It seems whatever she is wearing, or wherever the setting, she remains one of the most natural and sexy girls we’ve seen on our screens.

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