Tonight on Babestation

Got some Babestation A Listers on the show tonight guys!  We also thought it would be nice to give you a little insight into one of your “firm” favourites…Preeti Young!

Babestation Nights:

Preeti Young on Babestation
Slippery Preeti!


“I am fiercely independent!”


  • Age:                            24
  • Height:                       5’ 7
  • Dress Size:                8
  • Shoe size:                 5.5
  • Boobs:                        32 FF



Preeti is a Surrey girl originally but now resides in west London.  She loves all the things that a young woman living in London enjoys, like: shopping, socialising, and clubbing with her friends.  She also clearly takes care of her body and goes to the gym at least three times a week.  Preeti’s other passion in life appears to be her dog, a very cute French bulldog; whom she refers to affectionately as her “little baby”.

Preeti is also a fully qualified hairdresser and colour specialist, and it was during this time in her life that she began her career as a glamour model with her sister Priya.  Here’s some pics of Priya and Preeti together in the gallery, in this pic set, Priya Booty on the Babe Channels.  The twins were scouted by a men’s magazine and the numerous photo shoots that followed soon turned into a full time career.  The girls subsequently started on Babestation, and since then Preeti has gone on to become a true Babestation All-Star in her own right.

Preeti is a free spirit who usually goes out to get what she wants herself.  Although she’d like to travel a lot more, with a particular passion for South America, she doesn’t like to make too many plans.  She tells us:

“I find with my life it’s best not to make plans.  My life seems to drastically change from one year to the next…”

Nurse outfit Preeti
Preeti hot nurse

Sex and the ideal man

Preeti has a tendency to go for the guys with the muscles and tattoos, however, following a few disappointments she has recently concluded that there isn’t always a personality beneath these features.  She now finds personality more appealing, although she still has a weakness for the muscles!  She tells us that she likes a guy to make her laugh and to be confident in themselves because of her job, and has no time for those who want to control her; in her own words “I am fiercely independent!”

Top Tips

With Preeti you should try your best to be friendly and reasonably chatty; that’s not too hard is it?  She loves callers who actually try to converse with her.


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