With Christmas over and done with for another year, and 2018 looming, I thought it would be the perfect time to run through all the exciting things Babestation encountered over 2017. Let’s celebrate the past year before entering the nude year!

Epic phone blunder
The time when Babestation was splashed all over the tabloids due to a mix up with the phone numbers. Irish viewers who settled down to call their favourite Babestation girl, got through to a local Westport resident instead. We were quick to admit our wrongdoing though, and sent Priya Young, Vicki Narni and Alexa Brooke to Westport to offer apologies on Babestation’s behalf. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/babestation-girls-arrive-in-westport-to-apologise-to-residents-over-xrated-calls-35401013.html

Studio break in!
Not so long ago, a well-known YouTuber and prankster conned his way into the Babestation studio so he could prank the babes. Posing as an electrician, the cheeky lad walked straight past security and started launching jelly hands and the girls’ asses. It was pretty darn hilarious! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5125027/Prankster-blags-way-Babestation-throws-SWEETS.html

Freeview channel moves
Not only did we get a shitload of awesome press this year, but our Freeview channel also moved up the EPG to a more prestigious position. No one can can hold us back!!! https://www.babestation.tv/blog/were-moving-channels-folks-heres-what-you-need-to-do/

New babes
It’s been a pretty awesome year for new recruits, with bombshells such as Atlanta, Mia, Scarlett and Daisy joining the ranks. Variety is the spice of life, guys! Our Scarlett even went on to win the title of  ‘Ultimate Babe 2017‘. Not bad for a newbie. Well done Scarlett!




Pensioner changes neighbours TV channel to Babestation
This might be one of the funniest stories of the year! An 82-year-old dude decided to put his universal remote to good use by randomly switching peoples TV channels over to Babestation. The pensioner thought it was hilarious to hide in a bush outside his neighbours house and point his remote in through the front room window. The story was so widely spread that the old guy even had his own viral meme. Not bad going! Here is the meme in question. You certainly wouldn’t want to see this dude lurking in your bush! http://www.sickchirpse.com/old-man-cork-city-arrested-pointing-sky-remote-peoples-houses-turning-babestation/

Dannii Harwood appears on Chris Moyles radio show
The time when our very own Dannii Harwood appeared on Radio X with Chris Moyles to surprise his fellow DJ, Dom, who just so happens to be a huge fan of Babestation and an even bigger fan of Dannii’s. Check it out: http://www.radiox.co.uk/radio/shows-presenters/chris-moyles/watch-dom-surprised-from-dannii-babestation-studio/

I’d say we’ve had a pretty darn eventful yet successful year! To top it off, our new stunners, Scarlett and Atlanta will be seeing in the new year with a filthy Atlanta Moreno girl girl Scarlett Jones show  on BSX and on nude cams.

atlanta and scarlett nude

What better way to welcome 2018 than by seeing two hot nude models spreading their legs. Start as you mean to go on, guys! Have a Happy New Year, fellas!!! Lets get filthy!



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