Everyone is rejoicing, for we have news that will give you an instant hard-on!

You know how we’re only happy when you guys are?  Well it’s true, whether you believe it or not.  We’re over the fucking moon because Babestation X is returning tomorrow night (Thursday 10th October) and the legend that is Brookie Little will be re-launching it to all of you.  We expect the phones to be jam fucking packed tomorrow night, so make sure you’re then when she starts!

Brookie Little
Brookie Little

You know that you can watch Babestation X on our website of course I’m sure?  It’s on our player in the member’s area; that’s the only catch you see, you have to be a member.  You can get a membership for just £1.50 however if you’re not already.  This will give you two days access to our website’s member’s area and it will give you access to any live shows that happen to be on during the length of your membership.

As it happens if you sign up today you will get to see the Unleashed show with Jessie Jenkins and Dean Van Damme tonight, and then you’ll get the solo show with Bookie Little on Babestation X tomorrow!  That’s value for money porn and glamour guys!

Babestation X – We think Brookie Little will be particularly naughty tomorrow!