Step into our time machine and come on a journey back through the complete Babestation timeline.


04 DEC 

Babestation is born 

Babestation debuts as the first live interactive babe channels in the UK, allowing viewers to engage with hot babes through phone sex via premium rate phone numbers or sexting messages. In its first year, the show expanded its runtime, improved its output and introduced fullscreen presentations with handheld cameras.


04 MAY

Babecast Debut

Babecast, also owned by Cellcast (the creators of Babestation), is launched. Similar to Babestation, it features hot nude models encouraging viewer calls and texts.


20 FEB

Babestation Dominance

Due to its dominance on Sky, Game Network U.K. changes its name to Babestation. SKY relocated the channel to the new ‘Adult’ section, also available on Freeview under the Adult section.

Ella Jolie topless small tits Babestation
Ella Jolie

01 MAR

Party People Premiers 

Party People becomes the first Freeview babeshow, adhering to babestation daytime compliance regulations. Over time, it evolves with more sexual content, showcasing a transition in daytime programming.

29 MAR

Smile TV 

Smile TV starts airing Party People and SumoTV from 1am to 5am. Smile TV later morphs into Party Girls, a cheap phone sex service.

01 JUL

Party Girls

Smile TV shuts down. At this point, the entire output of Party People, airing from 1am to 4am, transforms into a premium-rate telephone chat-line service known as Party Girls.


08 SEP

Smile TV 2 

SmileTV2, Freeview Channel 46, hosted Party People and Life Coach during daytime hours, which was later replaced by Psychic TV. It also showcased daytime chat shows like ‘The Chat’ and ‘Smile & Date’ from 10am – 5.30am. The channel experimented with a mix of low-bandwidth, interactive content, including babeshows and various other forms of entertainment. With a flexible schedule, SmileTV2 played an important role in transitioning from early morning bikini-wearing content like Party People to the explicit, nude shows of Party Girls, featuring live sex cams icons like Amanda Rendall and Dionne Mendez.

babestation xtreme amanda rendall
Amanda Rendall

08 SEP

Party Girls Night Show Debut

Party Girls marks a groundbreaking moment as the first fully-fledged, explicit night show airing on Freeview Channel 46. It shattered preconceptions, challenging the notion that explicit content for sexual stimulation was unattainable on Freeview. By the end of its run, Party Girls successfully established sexual content as the norm during nighttime terrestrial TV. The show featured an uninterrupted, live broadcast ranging from playful moments to explicit content, including BDSM, domination, girl-on-girl interactions, spanking, and even the use of baby oil. Party Girls is often regarded as the most iconic Freeview live babeshow.


15 MAR

SmileTV2 Ends Broadcast

SmileTV2 ceases broadcasting, marking the end of its relationship with live babeshows.

17 MAR

Smile TV 2 Removed From EPG

Smile TV 2 is removed from the EPG.

20 MAR

Partyland Introduction

Partyland debuts on Freeview Channel 50 from 1am to 5.30am, allowing topless babes with a pre-recorded content warning. Although not as hardcore as current day nude cams, this was extremely raunchy for the time.  

25 MAR

Babestation 1 Launch

With the end of Party Girls, Babestation announces the launch of a new show, Babestation 1, promising better quality, no pixelation, and a full-screen broadcast. The babeshow models were highly adept at catering to viewers british porn fantasies around this time, often starring in roleplay and BDSM- themed segments. 

babestation dani o'neal
Dani O’Neal

12 MAY

SmileTV2 Relaunch

SmileTV2 relaunches, sharing airtime with Ideal World and broadcasting Babestation daily on Channel midnight to 5am.

13 MAY

Babestation 1 Debuts

Babestation 1 begins broadcasting on Smile TV 2 Channel 33, introducing a new era of explicit content with Donna Duke and Megan Moore.

13 MAY

3G Girls Showcase

BS1 regularly airs alongside 3G Girls, a precursor to modern cam shows, featuring live cam chat but not high-profile girls, unlike today, where top ranking girls from the appear on sex kamerki nude cams. 

30 MAY

3G Girls Integration

Part of the 3G area integrates into Babestation 2’s set and the remainder into Partyland.

08 AUG

Party People Night Show Cancellation

Party People’s nighttime show is cancelled.

Donna Duke big tits out
Donna Duke

10 AUG

SmileTV3 Launch

SmileTV3 launches on Freeview Channel 673, featuring Babestation content.

12 AUG

Partyland and Babestation Swap

Partyland and Babestation, once operating independently, begin swapping girls for extended periods, with Camilla and Tiffany from Babestation prominently appearing on Partyland towards the end of the month. This strategic collaboration aimed to elevate Partyland’s prominence before its complete integration into the Babestation lineup.

27 AUG

Babestation 2 Relocation

Babestation 2 moves from SKY to Freeview Channel 42, joining rivals BS1, Partyland, and Party Girls.

30 AUG

Current Babestation Schedule

Babestation, (Smile TV 3) FV CH 177, 10am-5am.

Babestation Xtra, (Get Lucky TV) SKY CH 908

Babestation Blue, (Lucky Star) SKY CH 909

Babestation Xtreme – encrypted website/TV channel FV CH 174.

Lads Lounge CH 906 – Daytime format of Babestation which went out pre-watershed, 5.30am – 9pm.  Later renamed Babestation Daytime and Babestation Daytime Xtra.

Yvette Merriman, Donna Duke & Rebecca babestation
Yvette Merriman, Donna Duke & Rebecca

02 SEP

Partyland Replaced by Babestation

Partyland gets replaced by Babestation on Freeview Channel 50.

05 SEP

Smile TV Moves

Smile TV moves from Channel 33 to Channel 94 as part of the separation of adult channels from ‘family viewing.’

09 SEP

Babestation Xtra Relocation

Babestation Xtra, the channel that earned its reputation as the most explicit, moves to Channel 95.

28 OCT

First BS Xtra Freeview Show

The first-ever Freeview show of BS Xtra features presenters Louise Porter and Stevie-Louise Ritchie along with phone sex girls Kelly Carter, Ella Jolie and Rosie Lee.

Name those Boobs rosie lee babestation
Rosie Lee


11 FEB

New Smile TV 2

The new Smile TV 2 carries BS2, while BS1 moves to Channel 96.

12 FEB

Summary of SmileTV2 FV Night Shows History

– Party Girls (CH 46): 8/9/2008 to 17/3/2009

– BS1 (CH 33): 13/5/2009 to 30/09/2009

– BS1 (CH 94): 01/10/2009 to 11/02/2010

– BS2 (CH 94): 12/2/2010 to 14/4/2010

– BS1 (CH 94): 15/4/2010 to 17/10/2012

– BS1 (CH 172): 18/10/2012 to 21/07/2013

14 APR

BS2 Replaced with Babestation Xtreme

Babestation Xtreme replaces BS2.

15 APR

Babestation Xtreme

Channel 96 transitions into the encrypted Babestation Xtreme, relocating the main part of BS1 from midnight to 5am back to Smile TV 2, Channel 94. The early segment of BS1 at 11pm remains on Channel 96, serving to promote and sell the encrypted service.

28 MAY

Babestation Xtreme Emerges

BS Xtreme debuts, featuring live girl on girl action shows.

30 MAY

BS2 Cancelled 

Following further channel adjustments, the last remnants of BS2 are replaced by the non-Babestation show, Live 99. Essentially, it was BS Xtreme that lead to the cancellation of BS2.

Yvette Merriman - Babestation Domination
Yvette Merriman


20 JUN

Glamourchase Replaced By Babestation Blue

01 AUG

Masti Chat Dayshow Launches

The daytime show Masti Chat is introduced as a spin-off of the regular BS daytime show, maintaining the same format and featuring presenters, primarily of South Asian origin.

01 NOV

Babestation Blue Shares Space

Babestation Blue begins to be interspersed with various themed shows.

07 NOV

Masti Night Show

Masti Nights, the first of the new themed shows, starts sharing the schedule with BS Blue. Launching at 1am on Freeview Channel 97, presenters Kiran Khan, Shanti, and Ayesha are among the initial hosts. Masti Nights shares the monthly schedule with Blue, Dirty Wives, and Babestation Apprentice.

08 NOV

Sexstation On Blue

Sexstation on Babestation Blue, Channel 97, attempts to promote the Sexstation webshow using Freeview’s broader reach but lasts only two appearances, unable to surpass regular TV performance standards.

09 NOV

Babestation Balloon

Babestation Balloon, a concept targeting a niche market with a focus on fetishes, endures only a few shows. It reintroduces the text request format reminiscent of older-style shows, often featuring requests related to feet worship.

 freeview Tiffany Chambers topless
Tiffany Chambers

07 DEC

Dirty Wives Launches

Dirty Wives premieres on the same channel as BS Blue and Masti Nights, adopting the format of other BS night shows but exclusively presented by mature women and MILFs. Its rising popularity causes it to surpass Masti and Blue.


02 FEB

Babestation Apprentice Launches

BS Apprentice debuts on Channel 97, designed as a ‘testing ground’ for new talents to prove themselves. Successful apprentices are intended to ‘graduate’ to the main shows, BS1 and Xtra. Often featuring 2 or 3 babes on screen, it serves as a showcase for new talent and a cost-cutting measure by featuring less-known names.

03 FEB

Dirty Wives Struggling

Dirty Wives reduces to 2 nights per week.

05 FEB

Dirty Wives Smashing It

Experiencing peak popularity, Dirty Wives is scheduled for 5 nights a week.

01 MAY

Dirty Wives Losing It

Dirty Wives decreases to 1 night per week.

01 JUL

Dirty Wives Dead

Dirty Wives is canceled.

01 SEP

Xtreme Gets A Makeover 

BS Xtreme undergoes rebranding to become Babestation X.

01 OCT

Smile TV Moves

Smile TV relocated from Channel 94 to Channel 172.


01 JAN

Babestation Academy

BS Academy succeeds BS Apprentice, maintaining a similar concept but exclusively featuring newcomers on the show. Unlike Apprentice, Academy keeps its call charges lower.

Caty Cole, shows the soles of her feet
Caty Cole

04 APR

Masti Absorbed Into Bikini Babes

The early morning TV show Masti is absorbed into the Bikini Babes brand.


05 MAY

BSX Arrives

Babestation X is renamed and relaunched as bsx live.

08 SEP

Smile TV2 Airs Babenation


13 MAY

SmileTV 2 Closes.

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