Jada is the exotic babe who brings the best of both worlds from the east and west. She is half-Asian, from Irish and Japanese decent. When she’s not on screen, Jada Cameo spends her time in the gym or kickboxing which is why she is one of the most flexible babes around! She’s done it all from web shows, hosting, voice overs as well as on screen shows on both Freeview and pay per view on Babestation Xtreme.

Jada Cameo made her debut on the infamous and short lived show, Babestar. Jada’s debut with Babestation was back in 2009 on Partyland’s (then) Sexstation web show on the small screen in the corner, where she was promoting the 3G service. Shortly after this, it was hard for Partyland to ignore her popularity and she was soon performing on TV in the Sexstation studios!

With her big personality, Jada Cameo quickly became one of the regular and most popular girls on Babestation TV. Jada is definitely one on-screen girls who works to the harder levels, and has even done full frontal nudity on Babestation Xtreme and Babestation Unleashed. Jada also often hosted the dominatrix sections of the show as well as the themed sections usually involving costumes and role play.

After a short break from the show, Jada Cameo returned in 2012, taking on the presenter role along with regular hostess Geri. It didn’t take long for her old fans to return along with her and shortly she was back on screen proving she still could still walk the walk as well as the talk.

These days, Jada Cameo may ply her TV trade elsewhere, but you can still find her regularly appearing on our webcam site, Babestation Cams. Check the site each night to speak to this Babestation classic performer!

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