It’s a sad day indeed for the Babestation.  As much as we love to see the back of Cherri, we’re not happy to see her walk away!

Cherri’s last shift 14th May 2013

The gorgeous and prolific model Charlene Hart (AKA Cherri) will be leaving the show today, and we’d just like to let you know so that you get one last chance to talk to her.  Her last shift is between 4-8pm today!

Charlene Hart

Cherri is one of those Babestation All Stars that need very Introduction really. When you’ve been a presence in the adult industry for as long as Cherri has there are very few who don’t know you.  She has been in virtually every glamour and lad’s mag publication you can think of, including Page 3 and Playboy.  Just what she’s up to now is anyone’s guess, but when I spoke to her it seems that she has a lot of opportunity in the US, and that’s where we think she’s heading.  I would imagine that a young woman like Cherri has so much to choose from, she even struggles herself knowing what to do exactly.  Cherri is steeped in the fitness industry too and competes professionally as a body-builder among everything else she has going: presenting, sports therapy and countless modelling assignments!

It’s just so sad we have to say goodbye to this Babestation All-Star, but you can’t keep a good woman down (as much as we’d like to of course!)

So why not see Cherri off with a call to the daytime show and wish her well in her new ventures.  She has been a star of the night and day show for such a long time that she deserves a send off that would make her proud to have been part of the most popular babe show in the UK.

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  1. Cherri is the best ever love her to bits just want to thank for evrything specialy for her support when i came going to miss her loads (crying now) thank you cherri love you loads & your very special to me like aunti jo and gracie have fun sexy bum sexy booty (hope she sees this)

  2. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Cherri she really is one in a
    million. Had always been a big admirer of hers before we actually spoke
    and was put right at ease from the off. She was cheeky and flirty and
    made you feel like you were her number one. I was lucky
    enough to meet her and she is just as beautiful in real life. She will be
    sadly missed. Lots of love William xxx

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