Babestation Academy has three wonderful specimens for you tonight, so make sure you’re tuned in…

Don’t forget that you can join the recruits from 4-6 on the Babestation Website and get reduced rates on your calls.  These newbies need “bringing up to speed” so to speak, and there’s only one group of guys that can do it – you lot out there!  So we don’t care whether or not you have to sneak off somewhere private at work, or simply take the afternoon off, be there between 4-6 today to give them some support and get yourself off!


Babestation Academy

On tonight’s Academy show we have the lovely Danni Levy, the filthy Carla Mai and the increasingly popular and voluptuous Jessie Jenkins.  These three have risen within the ranks quickly and continue to prove themselves time after time on the show.

We’d appreciate your comments on the Academy show, and in particular any of the newbies you see this afternoon.  You know what to do – comment below.

Babestation Academy – Training the very best babe talent in the UK!

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