Babestation Academy has three wonderful specimens for you tonight, so make sure you’re tuned in…

Don’t forget that you can join the recruits from 4-6 on the Babestation Website and get reduced rates on your calls.  These newbies need “bringing up to speed” so to speak, and there’s only one group of guys that can do it – you lot out there!  So we don’t care whether or not you have to sneak off somewhere private at work, or simply take the afternoon off, be there between 4-6 today to give them some support and get yourself off!

Babestation Academy

On tonight’s Academy show we have the lovely Danni Levy, the filthy Carla Mai and the increasingly popular and voluptuous Jessie Jenkins.  These three have risen within the ranks quickly and continue to prove themselves time after time on the show.

We’d appreciate your comments on the Academy show, and in particular any of the newbies you see this afternoon.  You know what to do – comment below.

Babestation Academy – Training the very best babe talent in the UK!


  1. I dont see how you guys can write that they have “risen within the ranks quickly and continue to prove themselves time after time on the show”. It was Carlas’ and Jessies’ first live academy show therefore they cant have proven themselves time after time. Not meant in a victicious way, but as an avid caller I am still confused as to why girls such as Daisy Dash, Carla Mai, Paris, Rochelle, Misty Moore, Xena, and Ava were ever on the academy. All of the girls mentioned have either worked on other channels in the past or were already part of Babestation. It was announced at the beginning that Babestation Academy was for new girls who have little or no experience in the industry, yet most girls who you have put on to the academy have been in the industry for quite a long time. The only girls I have seen who I class as actual Academy girls are Penelope, Kimberley, Danni (Although she was on BS before), Delilah (Who is already on Killergram) and Jessie. I find myself getting consistently frustrated with the way in which Academy is being run, I see girls like Rochelle who joined the Academy even though she has worked for Chat Girl TV previously, worked on 3 Academy nights and then got taken full-time straight away, when I see girls like Kimberley who always entertains, always looks great, always makes an effort and is consistently busy, yet you have had her along with Penelope and Danni on Academy now for months. I also see a lot of your Academy girls being given extra shifts such as Penelope on Bikini Babes and days, Daisy Dash on a lot of night shows other than academy as well as Danni Levy on a lot of nights, yet others have hardly any other time on screen other than Academy. The true Academy girls must feel so downhearted when they see other girls appear a few times on Academy and then get treated better than themselves. I have seen a lot of your girls move to RLC and Bluebird in recent months, yet i still see your channel as my favourite, I hope that you don’t lose any of your Academy girls to other channels as I have followed their progression and want to see them graduate. Do you have any information as to when these girls should be expected to graduate? I can name a few that I personally think deserve to be full-time girls by now. Sorry for the rant, its just Academy has been run week after week now and us viewers here no word as to what the next stage is, who is going to graduate and when.

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