Fuck me backwards on a pogo stick!  Wait until you see our Babestation Academy Kimberley dressed up in all this military style latex

It’s in the members area of Babestation right now, and if you’re a fan of Kimberley then you’re going to cream in your pants!  That outfit has latex stockings so long and tight that it’s like a second skin on the lovely Kimberley.  And with that latex top that pushes her lovely big tits forward for all to see, you simply can’t go wrong.

Babestation Academy babe Kimberley
Babestation Academy babe Kimberley

However, it’s when she takes the top off when all the fun starts.  It’s like peeling a fucking banana when you see that zip come down and all that lovely fruit come into view!  Kimberley’s tits are something else, and with that beautiful face, framed by her gorgeous dark hair, she is the ultimate latex babe!

See more of Kimberly onsite now, and don’t forget to keep your eye on Babestation Academy for her next appearance!



  1. Kim. Im sorry, but ive had to message you, as you have the sexiest, roundest bum, on Babestation, and you are my favourite. Do you have your own website, or anything? Are you on facebook?

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