The Glamorous Life of Levi Babestation: Six Holidays a Year

Levi Babestation, the famous babestation model and social media influencer personality known for her provocative content, has been making headlines lately. Not just because of her job, but also because of her luxurious lifestyle. In a recent interview with the Daily Star, Levi revealed her secret to taking six holidays a year! She also shared some of her favorite destinations where she loves to unwind and relax.

While many may judge her profession and lifestyle, there’s no denying that she has found a way to make it work for herself. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into who Levi Babestation is, how she manages to take six holidays a year, and what perks come with her job. We will also talk about the recent interview she did with the Daily Star with her daughter McKenzie Bleu.


Who is Levi Babestation?

Our babe, Levi is a British model, social media influencer, and adult performer who gained fame for her appearances on the adult phone chat channel Babestation TV. The UK-based station features models performing erotic content. Recently in the news for her frequent vacations, Levi attributes her success to her career and her privacy policy.

Her Secret to Six Holidays a Year

Levi Babestation, a British glamour model and social media influencer, is famous for her work on Babestation TV. This talented starlet has been featured in various tabloids and magazines due to her job. Levi’s secret to taking six holidays per year lies in her profession as an adult performer on Babestation TV.

Levi is an accomplished actress with a stunning figure that features big tits and a big ass in sexy black dresses, stockings, and other erotic outfits. You can find many of her porn videos online in 1080p HD quality featuring lesbian scenes, BDSM, anal sex, masturbation etc., and not just with herself but also with other babes like Michelle Moist!


Favorite Destinations

Levi Babestation, the famous British glamour model who is also known as an adult performer and social media influencer revealed her favourite holiday destinations. The sexy babe loves to spend time on beautiful beaches where she can show off her flawless body in bikinis. Levi’s top three go-to places are Ibiza, Marbella, and the Maldives. The mesmerising beauty enjoys the nightlife of Ibiza while indulging in her favourite cocktails.

She adores Marbella for its luxurious resorts that offer exotic spa treatments. When it comes to peace and tranquillity away from the hustle-bustle of city life,she chooses the Maldives for its lush greenery and clear blue waters.

The Perks of Her Sexy Job

Levi is a successful model and TV personality hailing from the UK. Her notoriety stems from her work on an adult chat channel known for its provocative content and phone lines catering to mature audiences. One of the notable benefits of her profession is that she gets to travel frequently with six vacations per year. When it comes to choosing holiday destinations Ibiza tops her list due to its splendid nightlife coupled with stunning beaches.

Other places she likes visiting include Marbella with its luxurious resorts and picturesque scenery as well as the Maldives offering a serene escape with crystal clear waters. Levi’s travel experiences are as exciting as her work on the adult chat channel.


Daily Star interview

Levi had an interesting chat with the Daily Star recently. In this interview, she talks about how being a model and TV personality allows her to have six vacations every year! Amidst all this discussion about work-life balance, Levi also chats about her daughter Mckenzie Bleu who also works at Babestation.

Although there is no mention of specific details regarding any sexual acts in the interview, it is well-known that Levi features in porn videos with other hot babes such as Danni Levy. Her fans love how she looks in HD quality 1080p videos featuring BDSM scenes and anal sex while wearing sexy black dresses or stockings with big boobs or a big ass or even using dildos to perform masturbation acts.

Mckenzie bleu

Mckenzie Bleu is also an upcoming model and has been making waves at Babestation It is heartwarming to see this side of the popular model who is often known for her performances in 1080p videos featuring big tits, stockings, dildo, and more. Read more about Mckenzie and the babestation mother daughter duo.

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