Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story about Lexi Lowe has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

My husband had bought me a burlesque lesson as a birthday present three months earlier and I still hadn’t got round to using the voucher. He kept pestering me to use it and I finally gave in and booked it. My husband always loved it when I dressed up for him and especially enjoyed seeing me perform a strip tease in slutty lingerie and thigh high boots. I turned up at the studio and I was surprised to see it was a private lesson with a burlesque performer and porn star. She introduced herself as Lexi Lowe and told me her background was mainly boy-girl and girl-girl porn but that she loves the sensuality of burlesque and the art of stripping and teasing. I nipped to the changing room and got changed into my stockings, suspenders and corset. I came out sheepishly and feeling a bit foolish but Lexi Lowe put me at ease and made me feel beautiful.

She tightened my corset for me and as she brushed my hair away from my shoulders I felt a spark of electricity. We began the class and she teaches me all about seductive and erotic movements and ass wiggles. She showed me how to strip off in a classy way and I found myself imagining what she looked like naked. After the class Lexi Lowe told me how well I did and I blurted out that I found the whole class pretty arousing. I could feel myself blush and I wanted to kick myself at saying something so embarrassing. Lexi Lowe then stops what she’s doing and walks over to me slowly. She leans in and kisses me. I’ve never had a lesbian experience before but it feels so right. We make out and Lexi pushes up against the mirror, kissing my neck and stroking my curves. I’m so turned on, I don’t give a second thought to my husband. She slides her hands in my knickers and begins to finger my pussy, which is dripping wet. I unhook her bra and admire her sexy topless body before gently caressing and sucking her nipples. She helps me out of my corset and we’re both standing in the dance studio completely naked. We put a gym mat down on the floor and Lexi Lowe lays down on it. Without thinking I squat over her face so we’re in the 69 position and begin to eat her ass and pussy. I suck her clit and finger her wet pussy like they do in porn films. It feels like the most natural thing in the world and I much prefer eating Lexi’s pussy than giving my husband a blowjob. I spread Levi’s pussy and tongue fuck her until I can hear her moans change. She then keys out a huge gasp and squirts in my face. I lap up every last drop. Lexi and lay there chatting for a while before my phone starts ringing. It’s my husband wondering where I am. I tell him I’m just leaving and give Lexi a kiss goodbye, but not before I book another dance lesson for the following week.