Lori Buckby was already an experienced glamour model when she first joined Babestation in 2010, after posing nude for page 3 among other UK publications. Since then, she has become one the most popular girls of all time at Babestation TV. Lori is a bit of an entrepreneur and she is also well known as a popular Twitch gamer and Instagram influencer as well as being a hot phone sex queen.

Throughout her decade-long reign at Babestation, Lori Buckby has become an expert in the art of dirty talk and posing naked. Her shows are never predictable but you always know you’re going to get an exciting and energetic performance when you call Lori. She’s even adopted a trademark pose over the years – the hand-over-pussy, which never fails to get the viewers’ blood pumping! Whether she’s dressed in a sexy bikini or flaunting her perfect boobs in sheer lingerie, Lori Buckby likes to tease and give her caller the ultimate phone porno experience.

Lori Buckby’s sexy girl-next-door look has gone through several reinventions throughout the years – from classic blonde beauty to sultry brunette but one thing that has always remained consistent is her undeniable sex appeal and her arousing moans of passion that echo around the Babestation studio. When Lori isn’t talking pure filth to her callers, you’ll find her either at the stables looking after beloved horses or gaming on Twitch. This sexy gamer girl loves to wear a headset and play Call of Duty, Fortnite and FIFA, where Lori shows off her impressive ball skills. If you’re looking for a babe who can be be your ultimate fantasy, Lori Buckby is the perfect choice!