When you think of webcams in movies, what’s the first film you think of?

If you’re anything like me your mind goes straight to American Pie and the scene where Jim intends to stream Nadia getting undressed in his bedroom and ends up broadcasting himself prematurely ejaculating TWICE to everyone in his school!  Great scene, great film. That was back in 1999; have there really been no other webcam related movies since then?

Of course there have been… but not many.  I delved a little into the history of webcam related movies and apart from one film from 2005 entitled Open Cam (with the rather terrifying premise of a cop investigating several castration/murders of gay men in the Washington DC area), the majority of titles come from 2014 onwards.  These include Cam Girl (2014) about Alice, who enters the world of webcam sex but finds an initially successful business spiralling out of control with threats of violence from unhinged clients, dangerous excess and confrontations with bitter rivals.

Then there’s Girl House (2014) about a college student who enters a house filled with cameras that are live streaming x-rated content to an adult website. The student finds herself in a fight for her life with a deranged fan who discovers the house’s location.

Also from 2014, we have Trapped, about Laura and her six friends who get… trapped in a psycho killer’s gruesome game in which he streams their murders live via webcam. There’s The Den (2014), where a young woman witnesses a murder online and becomes the killer’s next target.

Ratter (2015) sees another college girl character stalked by a psycho who hacks into all her electronic devices and follows her every move.  Cam-Girl (2016) is about a cam-stripper who gets held hostage by an unknown gunman.  Web Cam Girls (2017), where a girl named Alex has to track down and face an internet predator that kidnaps cam girls.

I’m starting to see a pattern emerge here, why does every webcam related movie seem to involve psycho killers and dangerous situations!? Why does webcam sex seem to have this stigma around it where it gets portrayed in this grim way?  Clearly, there has to be drama for any film to be exciting. The worst parts of the sex industry would feature vulnerable women and predatory men, and movies love to amp things up to include gruesome or disturbing violence.

There are exceptions to the trend, such as Webcam (2015) from Iceland, which has the following rather sweet sounding synopsis taken from IMDB: A college student begins working as a cam girl, with the support from her best friend.

Again with the college students!  Well, hopefully something interesting happens.  You can watch that one and let me know in the comments!

Arguably the most interesting and unique, as well as critically acclaimed contribution to the webcam girl sub genre is 2018’s Cam, which follows the story of Alice (another Alice), as she races to break in to the list of top 50 cam girls in the world, only to discover when she tries to log in, that she has been replaced with an exact replica of herself. Hailed by critics for taking an original look on a subject that can feel overly repetitive in it’s execution by giving it a supernatural kind of twist.

So, what does the future hold for webcam/cam girl related movies?  Well, as the rise of webcam users (both customers and performers) increases and as the quality and depth of imagination going into the stories improves, hopefully we’ll see a few more enter into the genre the offer something different or unique.  Maybe we’ll see a few in a more positive light…. maybe.

Maybe the movie industry will continue to focus on just one aspect of the profession and continue to exploit the dark/nightmarish side of it, kind of like it continues to do for our perception of sharks!  Whatever direction it takes, I’ll be there with my popcorn to enjoy the ride.

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