Leylah Linda, a smoking hot 25-year-old model from Hastings, has been compared to Marilyn Monroe since her teenage years and has embraced the comparison. Known for her red lipstick, big tits and natural beauty, Leylah gained fame through appearances on “Ex on the Beach” and her recent appearance on Babestation TV. Leylah recently did an interview with the Daily Star and explained that her biggest aspiration is to become the face of Playboy, inspired by Monroe’s iconic 1953 appearance in the magazine.

Leylah Linda, Marilyn Monroe look

However, Leylah’s enthusiasm for embodying the “blonde bombshell” has led to some negative attention, but Leylah doesn’t let haters get her down. She remains proud of her likeness to Monroe, a comparison that began when her mother called her the “next Marilyn Monroe” after she was crowned Hastings Carnival Queen at the age of 15. In her interview with Daily Star, Leylah discussed the negative reactions she has faced. She said:

“I don’t really get threats any more – but it was a thing when I started off doing it. It has done me well and I do actually look like her and it is just jealousy and hate and do you know what? I thrive off that and it is just because they want to be me.”

Leylah has a strong belief that she is destined to be a superstar and we couldn’t agree more. Babestation is extremely proud to introduce Leylah Linda as their hottest new recruit where she can be found entertaining callers and webcam viewers with topless stripteases and cheap phone sex. With her striking blonde appearance and over 114,000 Instagram followers, Leylah is confident that she will excel on Babestation TV and Babestation nude cams. She also believes that her resemblance to the iconic Marilyn Monroe will be an asset in her new career. She said:

Leylah Linda brunette, finger in her motuh

“Everyone names me as Marilyn Monroe anyway everywhere I go and they are like ‘oh my god you look like Marilyn so much’ and I am going to put that into Babestation to create a new version of Marilyn and relive her in this generation we are in now. I think she would love it and if she saw me she would have a big smile on her face and my goals are to also work for Playboy which I will do. I have such strong manifestations and I will be the face of Playboy as well and I will follow in Marilyn’s steps.”

Leylah shared what drew the reality TV personality to Babestation:

“The reason why I chose to do it is I love being glamorous and I love being in front of the camera and I am always the centre of attention which might as well be my middle name. I just know I am going to be the face of Babestation and everyone is going to love me on there and they are going to be obsessed.”

We cannot wait to unveil Leylah’s upcoming video shoots. There is no doubt that she will be at the top of the Babeshow leaderboard in no time. With her curvy physique and love of kink, Leylah is the ultimate package!

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