In this heat what you really need is a girl with no clothes on right?  Well there is one Babestation girl who sticks in your mind when it comes to having an aversion to clothes, and this is of course the fabulous Lori Buckby!

Lori is one of those Babestation girls that, as soon as she’s allowed, she’ll get her kit off and lay there on the bed taking her calls totally naked!  This is what we like to see!  It’s even better in the studio of course, but then you lot can’t see what we do!  Sorry about that…

Lori Buckby
Lori Buckby

The way Lori moves around on that bed, showing her fabulous tits and ass, whilst being careful not to show her naughty bits, is well worthy of Babe of the Week.  She makes it look so easy to do, and still remains as sexy as hell when she does it I’m sure you’ll agree?  This is because Lori gets so into her calls and her callers, she simply can’t help herself.  We’re sure any of you out there that have had the opportunity to speak with this Babestation All-Star will agree!

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Babestation – Lori Buckby: Babe of the Week – On Screen Tonight!