Here’s some more behind the scenes footage for your viewing pleasure.  Taken on my iPhone, it’s not that great, but it’s enough to give you a glimpse of how those naughty little videos are made…

You might get a little shock when you hear Lolly saying to this seemingly unperturbed producer, “where do you want me?” and “boobs in or out?” but let me tell you, this girl is a pro and so is her producer.  They do this kind of thing every day and it’s not a big deal; although, as you’ll hopefully see at the end of the clip, Lolly does tend to get very “into” it!


I’ve got to tell you that, even though these two can be professional about what they do, I very nearly dropped my new phone!  Seeing Lolly’s big boobs hanging over that chair is enough to drive even the most hardened blogger insane!

Babestation – Presenting Lolly in our own inimitable way!