Mica Martinez has been called the Babestation Enigma by guys on the babe show forums and the porn streaming sites alike.  Her energy in front of the camera is such that you can never really tell what kind of mood she’s in.  Is she happy?  Is she sad?  Is she pissed off?  Should I call her?  What kind of reception am I going to get?  If you were to look up the term resting b**** face in the dictionary, you’d probably see her picture in the definition.  Never judge a book by it’s cover however because the truth couldn’t be more different.  If you were to pluck up the courage to call Mica you couldn’t hope to speak to a sweeter, more giggly and likeable babe“That nickname, (The Enigma) has followed me around since I first started on the channels.  I don’t mind it though, they never know what they’re gonna get!” (lol).

That level of intrigue that viewers find in her performance has always been one of her biggest assets, aside from her more obvious assets of course which Mica Martinez has always kept for the access of webcam users. Despite years of callers asking she has never done porn or pussy photo shoots.  She has however done her share of lesbian cam shows, in the past, appearing nude and rude with long time friend, Caty Cole.

Mica Martinez has been in the babeshow industry for over ten years.  You can currently see her as a regular on Babestation Daytime, “I remember when I first started, I was about nineteen/twenty, I absolutely shit myself!  After about half an hour I relaxed and got into it, then I started enjoying it.” 

Things have changed slightly from those early days, getting naked, covered in oil on the night show.   Now, she is more content to have a chat and get to know her callers for a bit longer, “It’s easier to get on with dayshow callers you get to chat to a wide range of people and I can get to know them a bit  better.  Night show callers tend to come in and out.  My main callers now are regulars, it’s better cos you know what they want and they know what you’re like.”

That’s not to say however that she has abandoned her XXX side.  If you get involved with her on Babestation Pervcam, you’ll find out that a Mica Martinez show can be more revealing than anything you can possibly find on TV.  Check her out now and find out for yourself.


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