From Michelle Thorne porn star I think the best thing about working in porn is being able to act out your fantasies (on a daily basis if you want to). Every night when I go to sleep, I think about the next thing I’d like to experience. If I don’t think it is going to happen anytime soon, then I just lay back and let my imagination do the work. I make sure I’m wearing some stockings or pantyhose and start to play with my tits and then my pussy until I squirt my juices all over my hands.

My favourite fantasy at the moment involves me exposing myself to a bunch of guys in a pub. Being a porn star I don’t have any problems in flashing my gash to them. I like to stand at the bar, so a whole group of them can see me. I put my hand under my top and finger my nipples to make them stand out like bullets and then pull the fabric tight so they can see. Once I have their attention, I slide my hand up my skirt, showing them the tops of my stockings, before sliding a finger under the fabric of my panties.

All the guys are now following my every move as I slip a finger into my wet pussy and then place it between my lips to taste my cum. I keep on doing it, using 1, then 2 and then 3 fingers, each time bringing my hand to my mouth to suck my juices.

I know I’m turning them on because a few of them are starting to rub their crotch, making their cocks swell and exposing their hardness beneath their trousers. I can’t help but start frigging my pussy with my whole hand until I squirt my cum and it drips down my stockings and onto the floor. I so love to tease and lick my lips as I finish my drink and head to the toilets.

It takes me a while to piss as my clit is still swollen from performance but eventually it comes and I almost gush with cum again as the liquid squirts its way out and into the bowl. As I come out of the cubicle, I see them standing there, 2 already have their big angry cocks out and they are rubbing them up and down the shaft.

One guy grabs my arms and puts them around my back and forces me to kneel in front of the 2 exposed cocks. One of them forces his way in between my lips and into my mouth and I can smell his pre-come. The other one joins in and I’m forced to work on 2 cocks at the same time, licking and sucking on one and then the other, back and forth as fast as I can go.

I feel hands up my skirt as my pants are pulled down and my knees are pushed apart. Fingers start pushing their way into my pussy, so many I don’t know who is doing what. My top is ripped off and mouths start licking and groping my tits, sucking and biting my nipples. Then a cock is forced into my mouth so hard I nearly choke, it reaches further and further down my throat, making me gag. The guy Is starting to thrust now, close to coming and as one explodes into my throat the other squirts his cum all over my face.

It wasn’t over yet as more cocks were exposed and rubbed on my face, my neck and on my tits. Then one of them stepped in front of me and with his cock in his hand thrust both his huge balls into my mouth while he wanked his cock in my face. He spurted straight into my eyes and his balls were replaced by yet another cock.

I felt someone behind me and then tried to cry out as he pushed his cock straight into my ass but my mouth was full. I could hardly breathe as more and more spunk landed in my face giving me so many facials, all at the same time.  Now my pussy was being fucked as well and there were cocks everywhere squirting in my face, down my throat, in my pussy, up my ass and all over my tits.

By the time they had finished, I had come dripping from every part of my body. One by one they put away their spent cocks and left me to clean myself up and perhaps regret teasing them quite so much in the first place. Maybe not, I did enjoy the gang bang, so much so that it’s become one of my favourite fantasies. xXx