I find myself working in some pretty strange places sometimes as an electrician. There’s some I just can’t wait to finish the job on and get the fuck out but there was this one time when I really wished the job had been a lifelong contract. My mate had recommended me and when I rang to check it out, they invited me to the studios that afternoon to give them a quote. That was the afternoon I met Sophie Dee and one I will never forget.

They gave me the address of this industrial estate and when I arrived it looked as anonymous as most of the other businesses in the block. Except for one thing. There was a girl standing outside one of the doors smoking and wearing what appeared to be a dressing gown. She had those huge curlers in her hair and even from where I was standing, I could tell she had these really long nails and lots of make-up.

I wondered what kind of films they made and thought that perhaps I was going to find out soon enough. I met the guy who was going to show me around and as we walked through to the back of the building, it struck me how many women there was in there. I couldn’t help but sneak a look at what looked like monitor TV’s as we passed and was amazed to see the screens filled with these good looking birds, most of them only wearing their underwear. Some wearing stockings, another a bikini and one was covered from head to foot in Latex.

I couldn’t wait to get started and made sure the quote I gave them was good enough to get me the contract. I didn’t have to wait long as they asked me almost straight away when I could start work. They told me I would have to work around everything going on in the studios as they operated 24/7. I certainly didn’t have a problem with that as I knew I’d get to see some top totty every single day I was there. I would just need to make sure I kept my trousers zipped and perhaps knock one out every now and then in the gents.

I started early the next morning and after unloading my stuff from the van and taking it into the building, I realised who the studio’s belonged to. I couldn’t believe my luck to be working in the one and only Babestation studios! The scantily clad girls made sense now and I couldn’t wait to get an eyeful of them and perhaps more.

A couple of days into my contract and the most amazing bird walked past me wearing nothing but the tiniest pair of pants. I had to try and keep my tongue from hanging out and tried to make out I hadn’t really noticed her. A guy with a camera was following behind telling her to hurry up as they were waiting on the set for her. Her name was Sophie and I knew I couldn’t resist getting a peep in on the action.

So with my toolbox in hand, I made my way to the area they’d gone to and saw a big red sofa towards the back of the room, with camera’s set up, all pointing towards the sofa. Then I saw her again, just as she picked up a bottle of baby oil and squirted it into her hands and started to rub it over her body. She paid special attention to her gorgeous tits and kept pinching her nipples so they were really hard and sticking right out.

Then she rubbed it all over her arse and as she headed towards the sofa started rubbing at her crotch and on the insides of her thighs. It was then that I saw the guy appear, stark naked and with a massive hard on. This was turning into porn heaven and she immediately dropped to her knees and took his big cock into her mouth. She certainly knew how to give head and I really wished she was giving me the blowjob. He pulled off her pants so she was nude and bent her over in front of him and stuck his cock straight into her pussy. No hesitation and no delay, just fucked her cunt harder and harder from behind. I heard her moaning and felt myself throbbing as each time he thrust he slapped her ass.

Her tits were swinging in front of her and he kept grabbing them and slapping them with every thrust. Then he forced her over the sofa and spread her legs as wide as he could. He got hold of his cock and after giving it a few tugs, placed it against her ass, before sliding it between those slippery cheeks. Sophie gasped as his cock went in, further and further. I’d never seen anal sex up this close and def not in real life.

I could feel my cock nearly bursting out my trousers and had to almost run to the gents to relieve my load. It spurted out everywhere just missing my trousers and my shoes. By the time I’d cleaned myself up and gone back to where the action had been taking place, they’d finished shooting. I figured I’d better get some work done and couldn’t wait for my next session of porn star filth.