British pornstar Mikaela Witt is not the term you would usually associate with this toned, athletic beauty, she is usually so reserved, at least until you get her live on webcam that is.  Then her pornstar side really comes out.
So how does somebody like Mikaela Witt get into doing the babe channels and eventually landing on Babestation?  Giving you cheeky chat and so much more every week.

“I got into the TV channels by complete accident. I actually studied as an accountant for 6 years, until I realised it wasn’t for me anymore. So I went to Zante to work, and have a good time for 3 months, until I run out of money. I then reluctantly started applying for accountancy jobs, until Jenna Hoskins asked me if I would like to give it a go. I wasn’t too sure about it initially, but decided to give it a try, and then I’ve never looked back. The best move I made, almost 10 years in now!”

Despite several requests from her callers to get naked on the night time show, Mikaela Witt has never been one to stray too far from the day time show format.  However with the addition of webcam to the possible way of how she can interact with her audience, Mikaela Witt, like so many other day show babes has embraced the XXX side of the show.  Offering the opportunity to engage in dirty JOI or even strip.  Watch Mikaela Witt get topless or even nude for her viewers in a naughty private show.


“The thing I like most about the day show is the fact that I genuinely like to talk! I have made a lot of regular friends on the phones over the years, and it’s nice to be a support to people, especially when times like now arise. I’m also a tease by nature, so it’s a great show to be able to tease the guys with too, and then go that step further on a naughty private webcam show. I love it because I get the best of both worlds. Friendships and filth :)”

Outside of the show, Mikaela Witt loves the challenge that comes with disciplined training and diet to get her body in the best shape it can be to compete in bikini competitions.
“My main interests outside of work are anything fitness and diet related. I am hugely into pole fitness, and recently started competing in the bikini division after falling in love with the process of hard training and dieting. It’s tough, but gives me the mental challenge I need to be happy. Besides that, I do love to let my hair down once in a while on a crazy night out with friends, and when I’m not dieting, I love nothing more than stuffing my face with pizza, steak and cookie dough!”
If you’d like to see more of Mikaela Witt’s toned body and chat with her on the phone or via a webcam show, keep an eye out for her and other Babestation babes on the Babestation day time show, every Tuesday 2pm till 10pm and Wednesday 12pm till 8pm.