Babestation’s Misty Moore, appearing on the show Thursday 11th April, is one of those girls you just can’t get out of your head…

You know the type.  You meet them in restaurant, or they’re working as a receptionist at your dental surgery, or somewhere equally as random.  They have a look that you can’t help imagining as you walk off down the road.  You imagine what they’d look like without their clothes, you imagine what they’d look like in their underwear, and eventually you imagine what they would look like on their knees with your cock wedged to the hilt in their mouth.  Am I right?  Of course I am.  Well, this is what Babestation exists for my friends; to encourage such debauched fantasies.

Misty Moore – Babestation Secretary

Out of all those women you see and imagine, don’t the ones who look a little alternative stick in your mind more?  That’s how we feel about Misty, and that’s why she’s the Goth secretary in this shoot.  When you see the darkness in and around her eyes, and that long hair, framing her face as though she were a walking portrait of pure sexuality, you simply can’t forget her.  This has a lot of course to do with the fact that you have a boner in your pants that feels like it’s going to catapult your insides out!

Misty Moore getting her kit off!

Misty makes for one hell of a secretary.  Her curvy figure and mysterious look is very much in demand at the moment.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this Babestation girl if you can spare a few moments.  I’m pretty damn sure that Misty would love to read some of your comments too.  Why not tune into the show on 11th April and get to know the girl behind the Goth secretary look?  Babestation girls who can have so many different looks like this don’t come along that often, so let’s find out what Misty Moore can really do shall we?

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