Jennifer Jade is the newbie on the block at Babestation, but she’s already making a very big impression in your pants…

It’s not surprising either when you look at pictures like these is it?  Just look at that body and tell me you’re not getting a stiffy.  If you’re not, seriously, fuck off and surf some gay porn because there is clearly something wrong with you.  Good luck with the gay porn by the way, don’t think I’m being prejudice; I’m not.  Anyway, back to fundamentals, Jennifer Jade!

This Babestation stunner is ready to do you all proud and perform to the best of her ability on the show tonight – Tuesday 9th April and also Friday 12th April.  So now you have no excuse to miss her performance.  To see this body writhing around on the Babestation bed is like all your Birthdays came at once!

Jennifer Jade

When I look at pictures of Jennifer Jade it makes me think, how did she get into this game anyway?  Why is it that she hasn’t been snatched up from our reach by some greedy footballer, bent on status and money?  Well, maybe she’s just not like that, or maybe there’s another reason, who knows?  I intend to find out however, so watch this Babestation blog for further information.  I’ll be profiling Jennifer Jade, along with a number of the other new girls, very soon; and then you’ll really get to know a bit more about them before you get to chat on the phone to them whilst pullin your puddin!

Jennifer Jade - tonight on Babestation Badged

Take all the time you need deciding whether or not you’re going to watch her on the show tonight, that’s what the pictures are for, and that’s what your box of Kleenex is for on your desk; but please do save a little energy for this Babestation stunner later on.  She’s bound to want to talk to you on the phone we’re sure.  I’d like to ask for your help.  If you’re actually reading any of this and not just seeing these words as a blur as your fist rattles frantically in front of you.  If there is anything you’d like to know about our new girl Jennifer Jade, then please do write it down in the comment box below and I’ll do my best to find out for you.  Where she’s from, what size panties does she buy etc etc, I’m sure I’ll find all this out; but if there is something specific (not her telephone number and address) then ask away.

Babestation's new girl Jennifer Jade Badged

Tune in to see Jennifer Jade tonight and again on Friday and see what all the fuss is about guys.  This Babestation girl is going places!

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