You might get the title if your Cole Porter fan!  Old Frank Sinatra would have loved to spend a bit of time with our Babestation girls I’m sure…

Just the same as any man would I guess.  But this task was assigned to me, and I can’t complain so far.  Having met and interviewed six of Babestation’s finest from the night and day shows I am well on my way to getting you some juicy info.  The girl I’m going to talk about a little today is the one and only Tashie Jackson – one of Babestation Daytime’s most popular girls at the moment; and looking at these pictures it’s not hard to see why she’s so popular is it?  However, there’s a lot more to this stunner than meets the eye…

Tashie Jackson

I won’t go into too much detail about Tashie Jackson, simply because you’ll have to look at the profile of this big titted babe when we publish it on the website, but I will tell you one thing.  Tashie Jackson is one of those Babestation girls that has a voice that could simply make you melt in your seat listening to it.  There’s one part of you that this UK glamour babe won’t relax of course!  This Babestation stunner could talk the spunk from a monk if you ask me.  I’ve been listening to her talking to some guy about tattoos whilst sitting no more than twelve feet away writing this blog post, and I have to admit that although I’m no tattoo fetishist, it’s giving me a hard on simply hearing her voice!  I guess this is why she does what she does, and does it so very well!

There is only one primary difference between the Babestation girls on the daytime and night time show, and that is the fact that their tits are on show.  However, although you have to watch what you say on the daytime show, if you have a good enough imagination as I do you can easily Imagine them laying there on the bed in nothing but there panties, pushing their lovely Babestation tits together and pressing them on those silky sheets; just takes a little bit of thought you know – just saying!

Babestation – Night and Day… you’ll be able to get our girls